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  • Ben
    Great phone, great price
    The Mi 9 from Xiaomi is an amazing phone. Straight out the box when I got mine, I was impressed. The phone has an overall great build quality, and a great feel in the hand. I've been using this phone as my daily driver for a couple days now, and I've been loving the feel. The included case was very helpful, and I've kept it on ever since. The case doesn't feel cheap, and doesn't make your phone feel cheap in the hand either.My favorite thing about this phone is MIUI 10. The Android skin feels very clean and fluid to use. MIUI is overall polished, and has many included features to make your phone as easy to use as possible. MIUI has a built in security app which automatically scans for viruses and vulnerabilities in the phone, and warns you in a notification. Your phone will be overall safer thanks to MIUI 10, and later in the year hopefully MIUI 11.The 3 cameras on the back are fantastic. Portrait mode looks very nice, and includes many features to make it look as if it was taken with studio lighting. The 48 megapixel lens is great for high detail, and the added night mode helps capture great photos in dark environments. The AI camera feature helps adapt to whatever setting you're in, and the macro mode helps you take close up shots and get incredible detail.At first when I saw the in screen fingerprint sensor I was a bit suspicious. I wasn't sure if it was going to live up to my expectations, but low and behold, it did! The fingerprint sensor works almost instantly, and is one of the best ways to secure your lock screen. You can set multiple fingerprints for easy access, and it'll even recognize your fingerprint if your fingers are wet. The sensor doesn't block any of the screen, as it's underneath the front glass.Of course, as with any phone, there are some drawbacks. The lack of a headphone jack on the device was a slight annoyance to me, as I just moved from a phone with a headphone jack, but there was an adapter included in the box. The second drawback is the lack of an SD card slot, but not really a problem for me, as I don't store much data. The third drawback is a lack of water resistance. The phone may be water resistant, but doesn't have an official rating. Slight annoyance, but overall nothing too major. Overall, this is a great device, and a very happy purchase on my end.

    Jul 03,2019

  • Alessandro
    An affordable yet underpriced reliable smartphone
    Just bought the Mi 9 64GB Ocean Blue variant, shipping process took 20 working days which is absolutely acceptable and it is also the minimum required to receive in Italy from China using Italy Express delivery method, so no complains about it. The external package was well wrapped and inside I found the smartphone box protected with high efficient cushioning material. No surprises about the order itself, I received what I ordered, global version (in both hardware and software) fully compatible with Italian providers (already tested with Iliad). Gearbest also sent me a wall adapter with Italian plug in the same package but surprisingly I found the Xiaomi charger with the already built-in Italian standard so I'm very happy for this. The aesthetic of the phone is really stunning but don't talk about this cause is personal taste matter. However the overall conditions are absolutely perfect, no damages scratches ecc except for the inner plate of the USB-C port that results slightly bent on its "X" axis, but this fact doesn't affect anything about charging cable stability and data transfer. A USB-C to mini audio jack is in the bundle together with a SIM tray extraction needle. It comes with the original transparent silicon Xiaomi protective cover which is absolutely elegant and doesn't affect the overall usability of the phone especially with the gestures. The only matter is that it isn't as bulky as needed to fully protect the rear cameras assembly but it isn't a great deficiency to me, just by a different one or simply put more attention. In conclusion I've been using Mi 9 for a week and I'm very satisfied of it's responsiveness, reliability, functionality ecc. I also tested the original Xiaomi wireless charger and trust me it is very satisfying using it on this phone wether you have the 18W wall charger or the 27W one. I can surely advice everybody to buy this product and to trust Gearbest, again thanks for your job! Sorry for my bad English

    Sep 01,2019

  • Drew
    Mi9 6GoRam 64Go // vraiment top // achat belgique
    Premier achat sur Gearbest. Un peu peur des délais, de ne jamais voir le produit, des frais supplémentaires (douane), etc... et bien, pour moi, ça donne ceci:/ délai raisonnable: ds mon cas, 12 jours (prévenu le jour avant par un mail de gearbest) MAIS attention livré par la poste belge et non DHL (aucune signature demandé, donc pas là, ça repart..)/ le produit est donc arrivé bien emballé (un petit coup sur un des coins de la boite mais rien de grave)/ aucune frais de douane (et c'est la que le prix est interessant). Sur le site de tracking du colis on voit qu'il prend le bateau . Une fois en Allemagne, tracer le colis sur le site de la poste belge ^^/ le téléphone est NEUF avec prise européenne (manuel pas en français.. mais pas vraiment besoin) ATTENTION, pas d'écouteur dans la boite: le tel, le chargeur (câble et transfo) pin d'ouverture, manuel et une coque souple semi transparente./ le téléphone fonctionne sur le réseau belge "wallon" (appel, sms, wifi, 4G, 4G+). / Il est vraiment sympa, bel écran, fluide (la surcouche est très légère mais manque juste un peu d'options). Il y a quelques petits bugs d'affichage de temps à autre mais rien n'entravant le fonctionnement. Mise à jour régulière des applications; pas de soucis concernant la traduction en français../ la batterie, malgré sa belle capacité, comptez qu'il vous faudra la recharger après votre journée. pour compenser, il y a la recharge rapide : en 30mins vous avez deja de quoi tenir. Attention pas de recharge sans fils.// Pour conclure, un très bon téléphone : Prix au top, finition nickel, rapidité, etc.. on verra dans le temps mais, pour l'instant, ma compagne en est très très contente (elle vient d'un Iphone).A la suite de cette belle expérience de premier d'achat sur le site et de l'achat d'un premier Xiaomi; j'ai craqué à mon tour pour un Mi9Tpro (Redmi K20pro) ^^

    Sep 27,2019

  • Eli Sand
    Brilliant phone for a very affordable price
    Coming from years of budget phones, I finally decided to upgrade to a phone that had all the "flagship" features - but still didn't want to have to pay flagship prices.The Xiaomi Mi 9 is an absolutely stunning phone. It's fast - unbelievably fast compared to my last phone, which is so nice to have apps open instantly. The 6GB of RAM is also helps; even after running a bunch of apps, it's still very responsive.It supports NFC and Google Pay which is super useful, has a fingerprint scanner under the screen which is a pleasant feature (and it works amazingly!), works with all my Bluetooth devices, and the GPS is so incredibly better than any phone I've ever had. Basically this phone is amazing and I don't regret the purchase at all.MIUI was my only concern since I had never used it before, but I must admit that MIUI 10 isn't half bad (with the Poco launcher)! I like that Xiaomi released the kernel source code on day 1, so it gives ROM builders time to make some nice custom ROMs if I decide to try something more familiar, while maintaining support for all the phones features - good on you Xiaomi!After having used the phone for a week now, the only complaint I have is the camera bump. the rear camera bump is pretty big - almost 2mm on one edge. The TPU case that comes with doesn't protect the camera, which if it did, I wouldn't be complaining. Since it doesn't though, you should look at getting a case that will so you don't scratch the glass over time.If you're looking for a great phone at half the price of the competition, the Xiaomi Mi 9 is for you!

    Jun 25,2019

  • Nuno
    Mi 9 killer
    What I Will say can't bring justice to the amazing device that Xiaomi has made.Been a Apple fan for very long time , more than I care to admit..Ever since I got this smartphone my way of using mobile devices as changed , this is One of the best Xiaomi mobile phones you can grab.Nice built quality with gorilla glass 6 on the front screen and gorilla glass 5 on the back. Very quick smartphone , the facial unlock and firgenprint screen unlock are so freakin fast that you have to see to believe and the gestures feature makes so easy to use and fall in love.The box comes with the quick charger , a back cover , an adapter usb-c to Jack 3.5 and the little thingy to take out your SIM card. Even the packaging is brilliant. Pros : Amazing CameraVery rich coloursFast responseWireless charging ( not a must , but nice to have it )The Xiaomi fork of the Android OS is the best out there.Cons: Battery life could last longer.The ads on the native apps are a little bit annoying ( you can disable , but it is time consuming )Doesn't come with earphones.Sound should come from the front and not from the bottom of the device.Still , I recommend Xiaomi Mi 9 to everyone that is looking for a high specs smartphone for a lower price. One of the best purchases I've ever made.Got it for 328 € on sale!

    Sep 06,2019

  • GiP - EU
    Amazing phone for a good price
    I bought this phone for a very reasonable price and I am really satisfied. Here a my personal pros and cons:Pro:- reasonable price- latest Snapdragon 855 chipset- wireless charging- beautiful colours- case is in the box- good camera especially when considering the price- Global version supporting a lot of LTE bands- super fast in-screen fingerprintsensor- fast face unlock- hidden moon mode to photography the moon, nice gadgetCons:- no headphone jack (but adapter type-C to 3,5mm jack in the box)- no headphone in the box- memory not expandable via SD card- camera not protected with the case in the box (I advise to buy a seperate one protecting the whole camera unit)- Miui 10 sometimes weird, you do need a lot of search to finally find what you're looking for in the settings, not as intuitive as android one- Camera software not as fast as the rest of the phone but okayAfter all I am very satisfied with the phone, it's fast, smooth and fits very comfortable in the hand, feels smaller than it actually is.Yes, I do definitely recommend this phone for all who want a good phone with the latest hardware and software futures without spending a fortune.

    Jun 22,2019

  • Burashino
    Smartphone with the best cost performance
    In Japan, there is a smartphone that is absolutely popular, the iPhone. Perhaps it's a synchronized pressure, and everyone has it, so you'll think you have to buy it too. Of course, the iPhone has great performance. However, in Japan, where poverty is at a premium, the iPhone is expensive, and the share rate will decline in the future. If the Xiaomi mi 9 is released in Japan, the iPhone share rate will drop soon. This is because the price is in the 40,000-yen range (it became available at 35,000 yen in September), and the specs and camera are almost the same as the high-end smartphone. The camera is a triple lens with a wide-angle camera. The specs are the latest and everyday ones can be used without problems. The latest 3d games can be played easily. To be clear, this spec is over 80,000 yen in Japan. It can be said that it can be bought at less than half the price, but in Japan it may be a foreign species and a target for destruction. (That's not why Xiaomi does not advance in Japan)

    Sep 01,2019

  • Pierre 29
    Venant du monde Apple et voyant les tarifs qui atteignent des sommets stratosphériques, sans oublier Samsung qui lui emboîte le pas avec entrain, il devient compliqué d'avoir un smartphone bon partout sans payer une fortune...Huawei semble dans la mouise, autant se tourner vers le 4eme constructeur qui monte.Force est de constater que ce Mi9 est impressionnant. Il propose un grand et bel écran Amoled, lumineux et Full HD +.Il dispose du récent Snapdragon 855 et de 6 Go de Ram lui permettant de tout faire les doigts dans le nez. Les finitions sont excellentes et haut de gamme.Il dispose également de la recharge sans fil ( très rapide à condition d'avoir l'accessoire adéquate) et de la recharge rapide filaire via le chargeur fourni.Niveau photo, il s'en sort bien avec ses 3 capteurs qui permettent une bonne polyvalence. En video, c'est pas mal aussi, surtout en 1080p 30FPS ou la stabilisation est efficace. ( mais la 4K est présente ainsi que le ralenti).

    Jun 30,2019

  • Garou
    Xiaomi the best!
    The phone is in Global version with EU charger. The phone looks great in this color and it is from aluminum. The phone safety case is attached to the phone (it's from silicon) and converted from USB-C to mini jack for headphone.The phone is working very fast and smooth, the battery is the only one minus, only one day of operation on one charge.The camera is really good, you have 2x zoom, wide angle lens, and normal camera with 48Mpix photo option. The speaker is quite good, but my old Zuk Z2 Pro has better bass from this phone. After installing all necessary apps and the system updates, you have yet 48GB free storage space for you, not bad.Is really the best phone in this price range available on the European market. The quality of the workmanship is great.I'm very satisfied with this phone in the global version and from the price on Gearbest.

    Jul 06,2019

  • Arkinos
    Mi9 Flagship killer
    J'ai choisis le Mi9 car c'était pour moi l'un des téléphones le plus rentable , pour le prix qu'on paye , il ne me déçois franchement pas , il répond à mes attentes , puissant , rapide , chauffe peu , prend de bonne photos , une batterie qui tient la journée sans exagéré trop , la surcouche reste intuitif même si c'est améliorable , par contre la surcouche prend pas mal de place dans la rom disponible , le capteur d'empreinte digital fonctionne correctement mais beaucoup moins avec une vitre trempé (il est plus long et galère parfois) , la reconnaissance facial est super efficace , la charge est rapide , l'écran est de bonne qualité , les haut parleurs manque un peu de clarté Dans l'ensemble c'est un très bon téléphone qui tire son épingle des autres flagships , je lui reproche uniquement sa batterie , qui sur des utilisations plus intense comme de long session de jeu , la batterie fond assez vite Si l'autonomie est une de vos principaux critère , partez plus pour un autre smartphone comme le Mi9T

    Aug 14,2019