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  • Maud Dickey
    Just what I needed
    Being able to interact with my phone while riding is very important to me, so I need a holder that will both protect my phone and allow me to see the screen.
    The design%style is what drew me to this one.

    Nov 09,2019

  • Frederica Buckle
    No problems
    I have a screen protector hard case on my phone and it still works inside. Touch screen use is good. Stays secure while riding.

    Oct 27,2019

  • Hermosa Fowler
    Fits my Note 8!!!!!!
    I can not believe that this actually fits my Note 8 nicely!!
    The touch screen works great, fits and looks nice on my bike.

    Nov 12,2019

  • Modesty Sander
    Clever design, lightweight
    This is a great accessory to have especially on long bike rides.
    I highly recommend this product.

    Nov 04,2019

  • Elvira Valentine
    What a great surprise
    I put my phone in and tested the sensitivity and it worked with zero effort.

    Nov 08,2019