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  • Martin
    survival tool
    Perfect as an emergency whistle. We live in earthquake country, so having a small, powerful whistle on each of my family members is a high priority for me.
    Great idea for ladies who might be bothered by idiots. The wife has a habit of smiling and saying hi to strangers( which is a nice gesture for most of the time). Twice she was harassed by a lone man who responded with vulgar words when she said hi at grocery store parking lots. I figured she could blow this if some punk bothers her again. She stopped greeting strangers unless they r women.

    Dec 01,2018

    Amazing product! I bought 4 pieces....
    is a very good and useful product to alert outside ... it has a very strong whistle...this is good construction quality ...The size of the whistle whistle is not too big. This is moderate...the market price is right...is made entirely of metal ...it's generally a very good market for me....when he left China, This arrived in Greece in 21 days with the BELGIUM Post..

    May 09,2019

    Super good and high voulme whistle.
    Nice whistle exactly as described and as photo shows, is't really loud which I deeply like and thinkthey made a good job on!!!
    The negative side is that if it is justt a little touch of water or moisture the whistle wont work properly good.

    But otherwise its really nice and at a super price, I can recommend it as a nice and coll thing for a affordable price!

    Mar 26,2019

  • Roman
    high frequency
    the goods came to me very quickly ... of course, as always, undamaged ... with the product I am happy .. the goods is identical to the picture .. i can recommend .. everything is exactly as described .. the material as stated and the functionality is the corresponding description. I can only recommend .. who needs more to ask

    Oct 15,2018

  • Saravana
    Whistle - Woo Hoo
    Its Light Weight and Easy to Carry... i'm Using this as Key Chain and Its Use for Ask Helps When in Danger Situations... The Output Sound is High Enough.. I Love this Product.. Thank You

    Jan 31,2019

  • Olympiacos7
    Survival Whistle
    A good whistle, made of aluminum, very light to have with your keys. Not the loudest i ever had but still VERY loud and definately the cheapest. Can be heard from far away. Life saver in cases of emergencies like earthquakes, accidents in the wild, etc... At around 1$ it is highly reccomended.

    Mar 27,2019

  • Mehmet Ç.
    Yüksek Ses
    Görünümü çok hoş ve kullanılan malzeme sağlam, sesi yüksek çıkıyor, ben doğa yürüyüşlerimde kullanacağım düdük arayanlara öneririm.

    Nov 03,2018

  • bodosko
    Very good and well built
    I bought this just for fun with my dogs.
    And I was surprised how good it is, its really loud, REALLY.
    Also really high pitch.
    It's built with a really good metal, light and solid.
    Also the price is very good for what you will get.

    BUY IT if you need.

    Jan 27,2019

  • HSL
    Small and tough
    Very hard aluminium, lightweight, small and loud. Louder than a regular whistle, but not with too much. It is well finished, matte silver color. I recommend it in the outdoors.

    Jan 29,2020

  • Karthik
    A cinema hall whistle
    Pros-light weight,easy to carry,Aluminium built is tough enough,sound is ok.
    Cons-Not that great sound output.

    good buy for the price tag..Go on and have a try it's worth it.
    Thank u Gear Best.

    Oct 22,2018