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  • Ruben ayala
    I think I have purchased the right holster finally, The strap that holds the gun in is nice it is adjustable so you can keep your gun secure and it is easy to pop it off also, On top is the extra mag holder in which I like a lot it keeps from having to carry the mag in my pocket The mag holder also has a strap on it to keep the mag secure and from falling out it is a long velcro strap so you can put in different lengths in it, Very easy to put my belt through it and I have used different size belts also, Again very nice holster and I did not receive this product at any discount to give any kind of review I just liked the product and it was at a good price and I checked out a lot of products and prices, I think if you check out the review that you will find this is a good little holster and make sure you read the specs to make sure when you purchase this product that your type and style of gun will fit in the holster

    Sep 11,2018

  • j3nnz
    I am able to appendix carry for the first time ; other holsters designed for that just don't work for me, The gun is secure ; I haven't had any trouble with it moving around at all, Now I am able to wear fitted shirts an my gun is not noticeable, This holster is true to size

    Aug 25,2018

  • Lacrima
    I thought about having it sewn to the belt so I can make it tighter as I lose more weight, I am so happy to finally get one that I don't want to return the belt for a smaller size, My neck and shoulders are so happy that my crossover purse won't contain the heavy gun

    Aug 02,2018

  • sfbay55555
    Hands down the most comfortable holster I have ever had, Gun feels secure, I was concerned it wouldn't fit as I have very small hips and fall on the bottom end on the sizing chart but the small size fits great

    Oct 11,2018

  • Bill Cash
    Very good quality holster !!!! These guys know what they are doing, it makes it comforting to know that my gun is secure, I recommend these holsters to anyone looking for a affordable good quality holster

    Jul 26,2018

  • Poff Kids
    Nice leather and Gun fits perfect, Excellent holster, Very good quality, and I really like the ornate design in the leather, Well made holster and fits my western style revolver very well

    Nov 02,2018

  • Richard K.
    the clip is very strong, The gun snaps in nicely and is very secure, At first I wasn't sure if I liked how strong the clip was - it so stiff that it was hard to even get on to my belt

    Nov 08,2018

  • Frank R Webb Jr
    I have never had an issue with my gun not being secure in the belt holster even when I'm cleaning up after my toddler and bending over a lot

    Jul 18,2018

  • Tunny
    This is a great gun safe accessory, It is well made and the fit is perfect, It adds quite a bit of versatility to an already great gun safe

    Oct 19,2018

  • Jesus Martinez
    I purchased extra Salt rounds so I could have an extra magazine loaded just in case I needed it if someone was to break into our house

    Jul 30,2018