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  • Fabio
    Useful Camping light
    - Looks very sturdy plastic
    - Dimensions are ok being this one a camping lantern it is very compact
    - The light is spread along the tube and this is a good touch, making the lower level (roughly 10 lumens being the 10% of 100 lm) produce a good light all around
    - The lower level (10lm) lasts for 60 hours and the higher (100lm) for 8 hours which is a good deal for me
    - The soft red light can be left on also while sleeping if needed without be too noisy (or blindy)
    - The blue led alerts everytime about the battery level, when you turn off the lamp it blinks for a while before get off, and the number of blinks for cycle give you a rough representation (each blink for cycle worths till the 25% of charge... so 4 blinks means a level between 75%..100%, 3 blinks means 50%...75%, 2 blinks means 25%..50% and a blink for cycle means that the level is between 0% and 25%).
    - Instructions also in english
    - Has a 2600mAh battery and can be used to recharge a smartphone with the included micrusb cable
    - Can be recharged through a microUSB cable (included)
    - The clicky button is visible at night being fluorescent
    - Hanging ring
    - Stands in horizontal and vertical pretty stable
    - It looks useful also as emergency light
    - Arrived with a quality certificate, i guess it has been tried before sent?
    - I didn't got the magnetic clip-on mount (probably because i got the Uy and not the Uyc model?)

    Jun 28,2016

  • Ilya
    lamp and power bank
    The lantern I liked more than not. Sturdy construction, moisture-proof, multiple light modes and brightness, compactness and portability. The picture on the box, we suggest that you can use in the tent, take a hike, hanging on a backpack, secured on the Bicycle as headlight, to carry fishing, use as emergency light when the electricity went out in the house, as well to carry in the car and be used for repair or lighting in the garage. Here everyone will find for itself the principle of its use. Given the fact that I bought it more for the action then I'm satisfied by far. Thank you all for your attention. If you have any questions or I forgot something to specify – email, add. Bright mood.
    it is not revealed.All the pictures in the shops show what people can to step on it and it will be nothing. I did the same, even jumped a little bit – nothing cracked, everything remained intact and dry. It is not surprising that this form itself is strong, as the Windows in the plane. And there's more inside the stiffener, where fixed cost

    Sep 04,2017

  • van der kolk
    write a review
    I bought this item to use as a night light that needs to be on all night in a place without electricity. Current solar lights do not recharge enough during the day to keep burning all night.
    On this item, the 10% brightness setting together with the large battery capacity is perfect.

    long battery life
    bright light at 100% brightness
    easy to hang on a hook or rope.
    none so far

    Sep 06,2016

  • Kleshnin Anton
    Positive reviews
    A good flashlight. That's why:
    + Multi.
    + Small.
    + IP68 protection
    + Poverbank
    + Lots of modes
    + Mount backpack

    Хороший фонарь. Вот почему:
    +Защита ИП68
    +Много режимов
    +Крепление на рюкзак

    Aug 27,2016

  • Taras
    Uyc Q7M Rechargeable Handy LED Camping Light - TRANSPARENT
    Дуже прикольний фонарік. З функцією павербанку, та віддає тільки 1435 мА. струмом 1 А.
    Світить дуже яскраво, є два режима білого та 3 режима червоного.
    Є захист від води _IP68 !!!!!!!
    Брав за 13.49
    Великі втрати при функції повербанку. Віддає тільки 1435 мА з 2500мА.

    Mar 26,2018

  • Andrey Yakovlev
    Camping Light with Powerbank
    Классный фонарь да еще с Powerbank!Светит очень ярко-есть две градации белого и 3 разных режима красного!Полностью заряжается за 4 часа от USB 2A!!!!!!!!!!!!!ВОДОНЕПРОНИЦАЕМ_IP68 !!!!!!!

    Nov 03,2016

  • Vladimir
    Uyc Q7M Rechargeable Handy LED Camping Light
    Did not expect this quality of flashlight!!! Very good light, lots of modes!!! Built-in battery 2600 mAh!!! Can be used for charging phones !!! For Hiking and camping I highly recommend !!!

    Sep 04,2016

    Кемпинговый фонарь водонепроницаемый
    Несколько режимов свечения
    удобный корпус
    Функция повербанка
    минусов нет для этой цены

    Dec 15,2016

  • Stefano
    It's a fantastic lamp. Very solid, IP68, long lasting battery, compact but very visibile! The power button glows in the dark, helping you to find how to turn it on
    None. It' a very good product

    Jan 23,2018

  • DG
    Greatest camp light!
    Very bright and long lasting light. Comfortable to handle. Powerbank!!!
    None found

    Aug 17,2016