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  • shoto
    They are very similar in size and design, but the materials on the Anker charger feel nicer and like they will last longer, This is a great charger for people like me who own lots of USB powrted devices they need to keep charged and who don't want to line a powerbar with travel chargers

    Jul 18,2018

  • Marjorie Reitman
    I work with a lot of tech and need several batteries and chargers on a daily basis, steady quality, This charger has been great for charging my large tablet and phone simultaneously, but it really is a durable charger

    Jul 01,2018

  • LeFey
    Anker customer service is beyond amazing and they have great products, I have a few Anker products and am comfortable purchasing from them because I know that they will correct any problem I have

    Sep 19,2018

    super charging cable
    perfect charging cable. is made of durable material and its construction is really good. ideally supports fast charging. perfect for all phones that support fast charging.
    no cons

    Jun 05,2018

  • Granny A
    This is a awesome charger, my blue tooth headset and electronic lighter plugged in all at once and everything STILL charges twice as fast as the charges that came with them

    Jun 13,2018

  • Alysha Kester
    I have been struggling to find a universal adapter which is reliable and can fit in any outlet in any country until I got this one, Great product

    Oct 14,2018

  • gra
    It's ok
    It is a normal cable, from durable materials and well made. But is a little smaller than I was hoping, exactly 1 meter.

    May 10,2019

  • Natasha Cunningham
    It's very easy to use and great size to carry around, You no longer need to worrry about carrying different chargers when you travel

    Jun 20,2018

  • Wesley H.
    Have been to several different countries already and have not been stuck without being able to charge my electronics

    May 21,2018

  • lofton
    Bought this for my Ireland trip and it worked perfectly !! Great quality and held up well being tossed around in my bag

    May 27,2018