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  • MNteacher
    I saw this lamp and it was inexpensive and seemed like it would be a good deal, I like to keep a couple of lights on my motorcycle in case something happens when I'm out at night -- I thought this one would be perfect, it's now my primary headlamp, but onto the good stuff : good quality, great batteries, low price, this is a good product that beats the quality of other similarly priced store-bought headlamps, I did not receive the product for free or for a reduced price in exchange for an honest review

    Feb 27,2017

  • Stacey Schneider
    Both work great and I'm excited to try mine out in the backcountry and really test it out, it comes with batteries which is always nice, nice and round and provides okay peripheral lighting, but definitely more on the spotlight then floodlight side of things, the styling is very cool in my opinion in the white and green color, the strap is adjustable enough to fit on a ski helmet, as a general camping and hiking and around the house headlamp, this is brilliant and an excellent value

    Jun 12,2018

  • Kara
    I have over six hours on the original batteries on dim setting and they are still illuminating my reading material perfectly, my first use was four solid hours of reading and firewood gathering on low, second use was two hours of reading, and these are solid hours of `` power on'', so I have at least six hours on these batteries the ones that shipped with this unit and they are still just fine on both low and high

    Sep 27,2017

  • jose vallejo
    The band was very comfortable on my head, and the Shinning Buddy is light enough in both senses of that word that it was comfortable to wear while I was doing some electrical work inside my motorhome, the adjustment was a bit stiff, but also for late night walks when we are camping, having a usable light that is comfortable enough to actually wear and thus leave your hands free is a great asset

    Feb 06,2017

  • lakersmomma
    It is not a bad light ... but I have two headlamps that are better about the same price, it has settings that are fine, but the construction is not as good/sturdy as my other lights, edited next day : The red led on the right side will not work never has, the way this light is hinged to reach batteries inside is not the best way to construct the light, I emailed them and told them my red led light was out

    Oct 24,2017

  • Jeff Ledford
    My friends all spent so much more money on headlamps and this one is just as good if not better, it feels really sturdy to me and when I compare it to other fancy brands that are much more expensive I honestly don't notice much of a difference, I would definitely recommend this one to anyone looking for a sturdy and dependable headlamp

    Feb 07,2017

  • Joanne T. Johnson
    This headlamp is bright with the angle adjustable, I bought it originally for working on projects where I needed good lighting but did not want to use a handheld flashlight, this headlamp band is adjustable, my principal use would be for working on projects requiring hands-free bright lighting, very nice product

    Dec 09,2017

  • western nc reader
    It used AAA batteries so I'm not afraid to use it all the time and just replace them when they wear out, the flashlight is very bright, or if you don't want it so bright you can press the button and it will be dimmer, then there's a red light on the third button and the fourth button is the strobe light, comfortable headband

    Feb 11,2018

  • Travis Provin
    It was very snug and I have a big head, the strap seems tricky to pull off, I could see ten feet with it adjusted down with the bright white setting, the less bright white setting might work in a place with street lights or during sun down, I have no use for the red settings as I can't really see much with them

    Feb 16,2017

  • lillo
    faro portatile
    ottimo prodotto, ben fatto. da verificare la durata soprattutto del pacco batteria nei cicli di ricarica. Ho qualche dubbio sulla durata dell'elastico di connessione ai supporti. Carina e funzionale è la custodia per la batteria. Non è un Prodotto minimalista, un po' ingombrante,
    comunque sicuramente da consigliare

    Nov 13,2019