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KODAK In 1888, along with the slogan "You only need to press the button, we can do the rest", George Eastman brought a brand new simple camera to consumers. Since then, he has made the cumbersome and complex photographic process easy to use, and almost everyone can do it. Since then, Eastman Kodak has embarked on the road of developing new products and making photography simpler, more useful and more interesting. In fact, Kodak is now famous not only for photography, but also for images used in various leisure, commercial, entertainment and scientific applications. Its scope increasingly involves the use of technology to combine images and information - creating conditions for far-reaching changes in the way people communicate with companies. Like Eastman's goal of making photography "as convenient as using a pencil", Kodak insists on developing images into people's daily lives. As the leading multinational corporation, the company's brand has spread to almost every corner of the world. Today, Kodak Memory Storage Product Solution comes back to you, let's "share this moment, share life!"

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Priemer hodnotiacich bodov na základe 128 hodnotení

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