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  • Beginner 101
    This is the camera you want
    This is a great camera. I have several cameras set up around home and at work. This is the first 1080P camera and i bought it specifically because I needed a higher resolution and wider view angle for the back doors of the office. My favorite features are long focal length and short focal length lenses (16mm for long lenses and 3.6mm for short lenses), so they are more compatible with wide-angle and deep-view images, and the video has higher quality. I can definitely say that this is the nicest WIFI camera I have used to date and the price is reasonable for the features and quality.

    Aug 29,2019

  • Wolfgang
    Highly recommend
    I've been playing around with this nice little camera for almost a week. My family really likes it. Very nicely built, looks simple but sturdy. Easy installation, took about 10 mins. Long focal length and short focal length lenses that can be zoomed, compatible with wide-angle and deep-view images, and clearer video. Crystal clear image, night vision is a big plus too. Two way audio. Very practical to use when needed. It is a solid camera in my opinion. Highly recommend.

    Sep 05,2019

  • David D.
    Takes great pictures and video
    It does what it's supposed to do, with good image quality. The detector option requires experimentation with zones, sensitivity, etc. to avoid false alarms. I like the camera that can zoom. Intelligent tracking, always follow shooting, the entire process records abnormal status to ensure safety. If the camera remains reliable it will be a good value. I would recommend this product to anyone for indoor use.

    Sep 07,2019

  • Nicholas W.
    Easy setup, clear night image
    I like this camera because it was easy to set up. The wide angle lens allows me to position the camera in a fixed position and capture everything I need to capture. I mount this to a support beam in our shop to look at the back doors. This domed camera gives a wide enough view and it can access 6 users at the same time. I really like the camera and like to play around with it. I have a lot of fun with it.

    Sep 02,2019

  • Erik Skywalker
    Great camera! Very satisfied!
    I've really enjoyed this camera. It took me about 10 minutes to set up out of the box. The quality is superb. I've added this camera to my other ones for home security and ran it through my android phone. The camera's panorama can be muted, horizontal and vertical, with no blind spots. It just feels cheap and I hope it just is a feel and it holds up. Only time will tell.

    Sep 03,2019

    Camera quality is great.
    Camera quality is great. At night, it's crystal clear if baby's eyes are open, can see her grin, etc. The motion is super smooth

    Sep 04,2019

  • Paolo
    Great camera, great function
    Setup was quick, followed instructions, only took 5 minutes, camera zoom and telephoto lenses are great features.

    Sep 03,2019

  • AlwaysAugust
    Easy to use
    The package arrived by the promised date and the set up was really easy.

    Sep 01,2019

  • Joel Bryant
    Have zero complaints
    Great product. And for the price, I honestly have zero complaints

    Sep 08,2019

  • Scot Stobbe
    Home Security
    For home security it's absolutely perfect.

    Aug 29,2019