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  • Radek
    Very good product
    Good quality it looks real solid, simple app to use, very cheap comparing features with other straps, nice pocket for spare sd card. Bottom plate and buckle both are good quality and fits to camera without nay problems.

    Mar 21,2018

  • Andrey
    Shoulder strap
    A good shoulder strap. Multifunctional. The platform is firmly attached to the camera. Also there is a thread on the tightening screw, which allows you to mount the camera to the tripod, without removing the pad itself. The belt is fixed to the fixing carabiner. The belt can be adjusted. There is a convenient pocket.
    Unfortunately there are flaws in quality. I had to re-paste the rubber on the site, because it was crookedly pasted. Sew the seam area on the strap. Well and still on a trifle. But this whole thing is fixable. At this price is forgivable.

    May 30,2018

  • Harris
    Very useful camera strap
    I've used this strap with both digital and film slrs. Works well (but see "con" below). Comfortable. The strap itself is not narrow but is thin (more like nylon tape than nylon webbing). However certainly strong enough to handle the weight of any reasonable camera.
    The rubber to grip the bottom of the camera is thin and a bit to hard to achieve a good grip. As a result, the bottom plate will turn a bit (and you need to be careful about screwing in the tripod screw too hard). I may replace this rubber pad.

    Also - and this is an issue with the inherent design of this type of strap - that tripod screw is the only attachment to the camera. I may add a short "safety strap" between the rectangular portion of the swivel (see photo) and one of the strap connectors on the camera. This will make it slightly less convenient to use but may prevent an accidental dropping of the camera.

    Mar 11,2018

  • Milo
    Slr Camera Strap
    It’s very good quality. I’m using it with my mirrorless camera and it’s very convenient!
    Event on mountain hiking camera was very secure and in place! Small pocket is great for Sd carts! Great product!

    Nov 16,2018

  • Bharath
    good quality shoulder strap
    -nice build quality of the base plate and screw
    - carabineer is also of good quality
    - shoulder cushion is made of decent quality with a small zip place for cards
    - strap could be of much better quality as it cannot hold other than entry level DSLRs

    Sep 22,2017

  • Cris
    I got it after 2 weeks, looks good, I think it's worth the money.
    did't get the chance to go out with it yet, but I did try it on, and it feels good. much better choice than buying one from the store :)

    Mar 09,2019

  • c-miroslav95@hotmail.com
    very good
    very good product and arrived ar destination in 13 days. Perfect .I recommend cooperation. I am positively surprised. I will surely order again.

    Jan 30,2019

  • Бока
    Ремень слабый, хлипкий. Вешать 5д марк3 и объектив Л серии страшно!

    Sep 28,2018

  • eldo
    good quality product delivered very fast, works like in the description, I am pleased, thanks for it i will come back for shopping

    Jul 18,2019

  • c-miroslav95@hotmail.com
    good product
    good product,very fast delivery.I ordered more products again. I hope for future cooperation.all recommendations

    Jan 18,2019