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  • Brady Mackintosh
    Just what I needed
    There are several things I like about this drill. It’s surprisingly light and feels nicely balanced in the hand. Once I charged the lithium battery, it lasted throughout those four weeks of fairly heavy use and still has a charge. I was really surprised how easily, smoothly and quickly these screws went in, and without any sort of strain or kickback. Having a two-way drill is pretty standard, but very useful. The premium plastic material makes the handle anti-skid and soft, provides a comfortable feel. I also found the LED light very handy, and it lights up the area where it is actually needed.

    Apr 20,2019

  • Lindsay Abbott
    Great for the price!
    Great drill best thing is it is smaller in size than the older matrix drills and weights less too. The built-in large battery holds a great charge and last for a good amount of time. I love the color of this drill, it’s convenient to adjust suitable speed, and with the good price, you simply cannot go wrong with this drill. The little led light makes it great for a dark area overall this is a great drill. The charger is very small takes up very little space but charges the battery perfect.

    Apr 19,2019

  • Audrey Bartholomew
    My new best friend
    This a powerful little drill! Stronger than two of my corded drills, without all the weight and hassle of cords. Works great, love the light and it's also lightweight.

    Apr 18,2019

  • Hogan Harrison
    Very nice
    he loves it- was the perfect Christmas gift for someone who does not need an expensive drill.

    Apr 16,2019

  • Bruno Temple
    Great Quality for the Money
    This is a great compact cordless drill. It's much lighter than my old one and works very good.

    Apr 17,2019

  • Ophelia Bethune
    I like it, working perfect
    Simple, inexpensive, perfect for my needs.

    Apr 20,2019

  • Tiffany Dunbar
    Light and Powerful time saver
    Love this. Such a time saver. So powerful.

    Apr 16,2019