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  • Joy Duarte
    Great price
    This screen Protector is for my wife's cell phone. She tends to drop her phone on the ground, so there is a good case where this protector works. In terms of this price, it's a good deal, and when you post it on your phone, be sure to press it down firmly.

    Mar 16,2020

  • Ferenc Bata
    I am very happy with this screen protector so far.Touch sensitivity is not a problem. My phone fell on the gravel and the screen saver broke, but my screen was not damaged.

    Mar 18,2020

  • Vadym Novi
    Looks good
    Very easy to install Everything need to prepare the phone is included. Once installed, the protector looks good.

    Mar 20,2020

  • Oscar Florez
    works well.
    It fit perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy S20 and it had enough adhesive to stay on without popping off.

    Mar 18,2020

  • Miroslav Kozubek
    Easy to install
    This is the second purchase and it was easy to install and did not have the strange rainbow effect.

    Mar 17,2020

  • Eran Sadan
    Best Screen Protector
    I've now had it on for almost a week and it's on completely (no gaps; no rough edges).

    Mar 16,2020