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  • Stewey
    I use maybe four or five trays it depends on how large the fruit is and how many pieces you can get,you can get creative if you want to add seasoning to your favorite fruit to making your jerky as spicy as you want

    Oct 21,2018

  • Jonathan G.
    I bought a a few additional trays I am able to spread things out more evenly and less crowded,it also has a larger `` footprint'' than I anticipated so if storage is an issue this is a large one

    Aug 24,2018

  • Linda Johnsonl
    Very easy to use way quicker than she's use to easy clean up drys fast fast fast,lol yes a learning curve but oh what a great product choice !! she loves it so a win win yes I would buy it again

    Oct 02,2018

  • delbert flackmiller
    The time to dehydrate is according to it's manual,the ability to process your own food and walk away is a real blessing and time saver for the ultra busy farmer / gardener

    Jul 15,2018

  • Nancy Koressel
    I had to watch it the whole time,you dehydrate several things at once you will have to check on each of the items as different items dehydrate different

    Jun 30,2018

  • Richard Foster
    Glad we sprung for the model with the timer so we're not tied down to it and can go about our business,great for delicate things like herbs and for jerky

    Jun 20,2018

  • Nancy Moore
    I'm glad I got this model with the timer and temp control -- I think these are a must,a bonus is that all of our trays from the older model fit perfectly

    Feb 26,2018

  • Mary M. Fuller
    It works great but is rather larger than expected but that's okay as big as it is ... I was able to do quite a bit of dehydrating this summer

    Oct 05,2018

  • Denise Curry
    Works great for beef jerky and for treats for my dogs,my fan issue was probably uncommon and I would highly recommend this unit

    Aug 08,2018

  • Donna Novak
    They love dehydrated sweet potato snacks made in the oven and figured a dehydrator would most likely do a better job ... it does

    Feb 26,2018