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  • Vasile
    compact and sturdy
    it is a compact item, maybe the size of a regular soap. it has many compartments and they close securely, as does the set itself. no chance of them opening accidentally in transit, as all the latches face inward when closed. see the video for more details

    Sep 09,2019

  • Aurelian
    lots of compartments
    sturdy and compact, looks to be very durable. I have measured the compartments if you need to know the dimentions. see the video for a closer look at the product.

    Sep 09,2019

  • Aurelian
    10 compartments, foldable
    well thought this box, it has ten compartments and the lids can be lifted when all open, to give the box a good cleaning as required. it even has a string hole in one corners, so you can tie this down and not drop it. good quality, well made. see my video for a closer look

    Sep 21,2019

  • Pritas
    Fishing Lure Storage Box Tackle Mini Portable Waterproof 10 Compartments Tool
    Fishing Lure Storage Box Tackle Mini Portable Waterproof 10 Compartments Tool. Useful tool to organize the fishing equipment

    Sep 20,2018

  • Petrică
    cutie carlige
    este o cutie buna pentru a tine carligele de diferite dimensiuni
    este la un pret bun

    Aug 28,2018

  • mauro
    accessorio pesca
    Ottimo accessorio per la pesca. Sono tutti buoni gli ausili per portare a casa dell'ottimo pesce fresco. Grazie

    Jan 23,2019

  • User
    La gasto como pastillero y va genial. Buena calidad

    Oct 08,2018

  • Faical

    Nov 25,2018