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MjxR / C Technická chyba 8 Pro 250mm Quadcopter RTF
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MjxR / C Technická chyba 8 Pro 250mm Quadcopter RTF

- červená

s 2204 1800 KV bezkartáčovým motorom / bez fotoaparátu
4.92 36 Zákaznícke hodnotenia | Please refer to English description
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Produkty odporúčané pre Vás


Popis produktu:Tento Bugs 8 Pro quadcopter je dôležitou voľbou pre začiatočníkov. Vybavený bezkartáčovým motorom 2204 1800 KV, poskytuje silný výkon na lietanie. Okrem toho batéria 7.4V 1300mAh 45C LiPo podporuje 10 minút lietania. Jednoduchá obsluha, jednoduchá ovládateľnosť a dokonalé fotografovanie, je to naozaj ideálna voľba pre vás.Hlavné rysy:● Jedno vypnutie kľúča, jednoduchá obsluha vám pomôže ľahko ovládať
● Stunt: hore / dole, dopredu / dozadu, smerom dole, odbočiť doľava / doprava, 3D rollover
● prenos videa v reálnom čase s rýchlosťou 5,8G, ktorý vám umožňuje zobrazovať jasné a hladké obrázky a videá (fotoaparát sa musí pripraviť sami)
● Malá veľkosť pre prenosné a vhodné pre vnútorné i vonkajšie lietanie
● Prepínateľný režim rýchlosti, existujú dva režimy rýchleho a pomalého, môžete nastaviť rýchlosť, ktorú potrebujete
● Samostatne nastaviteľný režim a ručný režim je možné prepínať voľne



značka: MJX
typ: Racing Quadcopter
Vlastnosti: Žiadna kamera
Typ motora: Bezkartáčový motor
funkcie: 3D rollover,Vpred / vzad,Vypnutie jedného tlačidla,Bočný let,Otočte doľava / doprava,Hore dole
veľkosť: stredná
Zabudovaný gyroskop: 6 Axis Gyro
materiál: ABS / PS
Typy súprav: RTF
hladina: Úroveň začiatočníkov


Diaľkové ovládanie: Bezdrôtové diaľkové ovládanie 2,4 GHz
channel: 4-kanály
režim: Režim 2 (ľavá rukoväť)
Režim rádia: Režim 2 (ľavá páčka plynu)
Ovládacia vzdialenosť: 100-300 m
Podrobná kontrolná vzdialenosť: Asi 300 metrov
Kompatibilné s ďalšími Gimbal: žiadny


batérie: 7.4V 1300mAh 45C LiPo (zabudované)
Let lietania: 8-10 minút
Doba nabíjania.: 150mins

Racing Quadcopter Parameters

rázvor: 250mm

Rozmery a hmotnosť

Hmotnosť výrobku: 0,4200 kg
Hmotnosť balíka: 1,4100 kg
Veľkosť výrobku (D x Š x H): 30,00 x 30,00 x 9,00 cm / 11,81 x 11,81 x 3,54 palca
Veľkosť balenia (D x Š x H): 35,70 x 28,00 x 16,00 cm / 14,06 x 11,02 x 6,3 palca

obsah balenia

obsah balenia: 1 x trup (s výnimkou fotoaparátu), 1 x diaľkové ovládanie, 4 x chránič ostria, 4 x vrtuľa CW, 4 vrtule CCW, 1 x montážny čepel, 1 x skrutkovač, 1 x nabíjačka váhy Samolepka, 1 x anglický manuál
MjxR / C Technická chyba 8 Pro 250mm Quadcopter RTF- červená
MjxR / C Technická chyba 8 Pro 250mm Quadcopter RTF- červená
MjxR / C Technická chyba 8 Pro 250mm Quadcopter RTF- červená
MjxR / C Technická chyba 8 Pro 250mm Quadcopter RTF- červená
MjxR / C Technická chyba 8 Pro 250mm Quadcopter RTF- červená

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Zákaznícke hodnotenia

4.92 out of 5
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  • MistakenMonk
    Great for a back to basic drone. Im still learning to fly but having alot of fun
    I brought this drone as I want to learn to fly a drone without GPS and attuide hold but needed to be a drone that could take a knock as im still learn.

    Drone arrived safely and quickly and i was surpriced at the size of it as its not overall big its the same size as my Hubsan 501a, built qauity is great but i wouldnt expect anything less from MJX as ive got a few of there drone now and they seem to be built to last.

    Drone comees with a decent size battery and i got about 9mins of fly time before the battery start to make a low battery beep but dont let this but you off as the beep seems to start at about 50%. Yes it can be annoying but at least i know there battery life left to get back and land safely.

    The controller beeps, the drone beeps annd the red lights at the back flash so there no reason not to notice your getting low on power.

    other great features if you loose connection to the drone the controller and drone beeps (a different sound then low battery) hand if the drone lasnd out of sight just switch the controller off and follow the beeps.

    Each part seems easy to replace incase of accident. Top is a red plastic which is easy removed and the circuit board are covered with a foam

    manual was easy to fellow

    It has a mode called acro which i havent flown as im still learning to fly the drone in the easier mode,

    2 Speeds Low and high. and high is fast i tryed it once and to be honest its a little to fast for me so ill stick to low mode which is still fast but for a a learner its easier for me to controller.

    If you want a drone that you can learn to fly with, dont want to be worried about a accident and easy to work if you do have a accident. Then this is the drone for you

    I didnt get the camera so cant comment on that but i will be buying the camera and add it at a later date,

    Mar 24,2019

  • Tom
    love at first and that's not all
    after unpacking I didn't know what to expect. the plastic body and the big engines can't stand much. true but not so completely. drone used for 2 months and we had a lot of pads and a few wounds maximally dismantled the bogie mounted the torch up to offset the bend of the propeller and fly further. 3x straight into the grass from the height of approx. first time I thought it would go straight to the junkyard but it was enough to adjust it and fly with it the other times just bent the propeller and battery off the drone. now the construction on the vapor places is broken but still flying. I did not use the flip button but it does not use acro yet because it is not completely acro. surely it is not an amateurs drone without previous experience to hurt yourself or someone or break up something.
    this is the best you can buy at that price I have a basic version without a camera. fly beautiful if you know, especially manual flip not automatic. it is not a drone but it can be called. good choice to start flying fast.

    Please fly safely and reasonably

    Mar 28,2019

  • Michael
    Mjx Bugs 8 Pro Awesome Drone
    The drone in youtube flies so fast but needed to be tested further more, just received it today will make more videos and comments. Advantage is the price, for a budget racing drone thats your pocket will not hurt. Disadvantage is the battery, you are tied up by buying same brand battery and only few shops selling. You can buy other brand lipo battery but not sure it will fit. Overall recommemdation is high for the price and quality. Again need to be tested before I can add more comments. The drone in youtube flies so fast but needed to be tested further more, just received it today will make more videos and comments. Advantage is the price, for a budget racing drone thats your pocket will not hurt. Disadvantage is the battery, you are tied up by buying same brand battery and only few shops selling. You can buy other brand lipo battery but not sure it will fit. Overall recommemdation is high for the price and quality. Again need to be tested before I can add more comments.

    Oct 17,2018

  • TheJuice
    Scary Fast
    The Bugs line is all great. This one is so fast it was honestly scary, but fun. The price was hard to beat. This one is really meant for an intermediate flier. The acro mode was almost uncontrollable (for a newbie at least), but stability mode was great. I tried several times to learn acro and crashed a lot, until one time when I finally broke the landing gear. Kept flying with 3 legs until I broke the motor arm. Glued it back and it still flies, but now staying in stability mode and flying much more cautiously with it. I added the camera designed for this quad and actually flew some FPV (very cool). The 4 stars (instead of 5) was not because of the difficult acro mode (with my skill level), but because the plastic design cannot hold up to the abuse that this kind of weight and speed demands. For the cost, I don't think you can get a faster quad, but I cannot recommend it as an acro trainer.

    Jan 25,2019

  • Jay Dub
    Not quite a beginners 1st quad to get into FPV. More like the third step up.
    this quad is straight faster than anything You have flown if you have not flown at FpV. I've already lost two of them an d broken and repaired the third numerous times. I say again do not get this quad if you have not done FPV before. however I do say this is the third one that I bought so that should speak for itself It is an extremely fun quick and snappy quad but I recommend going with a whoop size quad for your first FPV training parts are a lot cheaper and they don't seem to break as much because the weight is a lot lower. However I highly recommend this quad once you have basic control down. also not a good idea to try at PV until you have gotten hangs of the sticks for this particular drone.

    Jul 23,2019

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