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  • Tonis
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver White
    Exactly what is supposed to do.Used it to pick a heavy screw with full length of the pen, so the magnet is strong enough and it is seems steadyI already have a bigger one, but I bought it because it is useful to have it in your pocket or anywhere a pen goes.

    May 13,2018

  • Fábio
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver White
    Evaluates based on the practicality of the tool. I liked it because it is a small and easy to store tool, and easy to carry. Prolongs enough to pick up metal objects in narrow places. I do not know any similar products. Highly recommend to all.

    Jan 30,2019

  • Costas AriAri
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver White
    A must have!
    This is probably one of the few things anyone must have in every tool set.When you lost these little things everywhere and try to reach it, then a magnet is all you need!I always carry this in my car and would buy more to have everywhere, car, home, workshop.

    Sep 05,2018

  • Максим
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver White
    Portable Telescopic Magnetic Pen Pick Up Tool
    Отличная вещь. С виду обычная тоненькая шариковая ручка. Сделано качественно. Я доволен.В Leroi Merlin есть такое только в 3 раза толще и в 3 раза дороже.Толщина 7мм, длина 125-650ммМагнит выпал, надо садить на термоклей

    Oct 09,2018

  • Николай
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver White
    Магнит указка.
    Удивляет как такой маленький держит такой большой вес, и цена 2$, рекомендую купить, отличный магнит, длина 66 см, вес 17 грамм.

    Dec 08,2018

  • Ivan
    Áno (1) Farba: Silver White
    very nice
    Convenient thing in the garage. Especially when the bolt or nut is falling on the engine protection. Wand helps out.

    Jun 21,2018

  • Andres
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver White
    Telescopic Magnetic Pen
    Очень удобная и нужная в хозяйстве вещь. Мало ли куда может закатиться болтик или ,что ещё. Особенно в труднодоступные места,да и стоит копейки . Дошло в Израиль за семь дней.

    Sep 05,2018

  • William
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver White
    It is small but powerful
    I like this product. It is about 65-70 cm length. But it is pretty powerful. I can use it to absorb and hang a metal two holes pounch. It is amazing to me.

    Oct 17,2018

  • Diego
    Áno (2) Farba: Silver White
    Muito comprido, ideal para pegar metais em cantos onde não da pra pegar com a mão, ima muito forte, consegue levantar coisas bem pesadas em relação ao tamanho.
    Parece frágil, pode entortar com facilidade

    Sep 02,2017

  • Blanck
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver White
    praktisch im edc
    das teil ist sehr leicht, klein verstaubar, bei mir liegt es in meinem edc pocket organizer, wenn mir ein gegenstand in einen gulli fällt zb, also meinen schlüsselbund kann der magnet am ausgefahrenen teleskopding gut halten
    cons hab ich eigentlich gar nicht. das teil war am günstigsten von allen die ich gefunden habe im internet. es macht seinen job, ich würds mir noch mal kaufen

    Dec 07,2017