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  • host4G
    Phonemax really rocks
    That smartphone is 4G and has a pretty good localization of android 7, the Google icons are restyled in metal gear powerful way. Works stably.
    I feel the power of the smartphone, it is heavy enough, looks just great, nice to hold it in hand.
    It has very good rear camera and the front is ok too.
    It has one speaker at the right side, but the speaker is pumping out loud (and it can be very quiet, if I want so, that is a great advantage).
    Bundled headset works good.
    Shortly - the smartphone is powerful. All apps work fast.
    I've checked out its ip68, well, it's still works well, you may watch the checkout in attached video.
    Btw it's nice to watch videos from its screen.
    The battery keeps a charge a couple of days in active use.
    After 3 months I've noticed some minuses.
    The touchscreen has no oleophobic coating, so I have to wipe the screen regularly.
    Updates of apps come, but I can only dream about android 8. Who knows, maybe the update will be available, because the smartphone is equipped powerful components.
    The PTT button only launches Zoolio app, I don't know how to use it as a real walkie.
    In the charging process it's better not to use actively all the functions, e.g. watching video from Internet, communicating with friends in messengers and flashlighting the room in the darkness, because the battery is non-removable, and may get very hot.

    May 12,2018

  • Piotr
    very nice phone, a bit heavy but ok, commanding gestures, good sound.
    it requires a long micro usb plug, my unit was bad assembled at the factory.

    Jan 26,2018

  • Sheryl Tekel
    The ratio price / quality is sooo good so two weeks ago without any hesitation, very good screen quality, very good picture quality not the best, Amazing low budget phone

    Aug 29,2018

  • Timothy j.Schonewolf
    Very big screen, It takes decent pictures but I do need a little more time with the camera to write a complete review, Over all a very surprisingly decent product

    Sep 09,2018

    Great budget phone that can hold its own standing next to a flagship despite lack of obvious features you might expect from a more expensive phone lacks NFC

    Aug 23,2018

  • mal.car@libero.it
    Grande memoria.buoni processori puoi giocare a qualsiasi gioco senza problemi.ottimo schermo.compatto e resistente.resiste all'acqua senza problemi. Tutto sommato di può utilizzare benone.
    Eccessivamente pesante, esteticamente non bello, non molto sottile. audio non sempre buono specie in viva voce. Fotocamera deludente, tasti laterali un po'fastidiosi durante l'uso in conversazione. Android gratuito male.la truffe in italiano non è perfetta alcune volte manca ed è scritto in inglese.manca la funzione cerca nella rubrica e per cercare un contatto devi scorrere ogni volta tutta la rubrica contatti

    Mar 31,2018

  • Titanium tough
    It has a few problems when I'm typing too fast and the key pad is slow to respond but besides that, Still loving this phone !!! I was very pleased with my purchase

    Sep 17,2018

  • Sandra Watson
    Cameras are Rock solid ... I dig the fact you can zoom your videos to full screen ... they even have laptops from this company ... good job Huawei

    Sep 04,2018

  • C. Simpson
    This device is very fast and very smooth, Easily the best experience I've had on an Android device, Cameras are absolutely gorgeous

    Oct 01,2018

    I must say that I miss the unique features of this phone such as the screen recorder and scrolling screenshot built right in

    Sep 13,2018