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  • Chris Co
    Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter Antibacterial Version (Purple)
    I received the filter within less than two weeks (shipped to Germany). The packaging and the box had no damages and the product was packed neatly. The filter is really great and of high quality. I can totally recommend it for the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2. When I will have to replace the filter, I'll buy it again from Gearbest.
    Honestly, there are no con's.

    Aug 27,2017

  • Enns
    Great Filter often on FLASH sale
    When it's on flash sale this is the BEST filter of the 3 that fit the air purifier.
    The best part is that this filter is anti-bacterial and so it is a very good choice to buy for the winter even if you usually use the blue filter the rest of the year.
    no cons at all

    Jun 10,2017

  • Billias
    Original Air Purifier Filter Antibacterial Version for Xiaomi
    Ίσως είναι το καλύτερο φίλτρο από τα τρία που κυκλοφορούν.
    Η τιμή του είναι αρκετά καλή σε σχέση με τα άλλα, οπότε συμφέρει η αγορά του.
    Έρχεται σε σφραγισμένη συσκευασία.
    Έχω ήδη παραγγείλει κι άλλα.

    Mar 30,2019

  • Glowtape
    Better alternative to the blue filters.
    It's like 150gr heavier than the blue filter, and it seems to be largely due to additional activated charcoal in the relevant filter layer. Happy with these. No details anywhere on the organic metal salts that do the antibacterial stuff, tho. The added charcoal seems worth it, tho.

    May 06,2019

  • silver
    • High efficiency 3 layers filter: Primary filter net, EPA filter net, high quality activated carbon filter 
    • The filter can remove 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles, bacteria, heavy metal, organic matter, etc. 
    • Recommend replacing cycle: 3 - 6 months
    • Easy and fast to install

    Mar 23,2019

  • valle
    filter for xiaomi purifier
    the item is a little bit expensive but is a good quality filter, the xiaomi purifier is a very good product.
    prodotto un po' caro ma sembra di buona qualità il sistema di purificazione aria xiaomi e veramente valido
    nessuno nothing

    Jun 19,2018

  • andris kuzmans
    don't use yet is spare filter but original filter comes with mi air purifier is top quality.
    seems to be top quality like always from Xiaomi and Gearbest

    Jan 14,2018

  • Jorge Queiroz
    The best filter
    I have 3 purifiers and I buy regularly this product.
    the price is good comparing with others filters.

    it makes the difference when you have allergies

    Jan 20,2019

  • Will buy again
    1) Easy to install
    2) Works better than standard
    3) Price in comparison to other brands

    This is quality and powerful product. It works!
    Not found Yet

    May 09,2018

  • Billias
    Original Air Purifier Filter Antibacterial Version for Xiaomi - Purple
    Very nice filter for Xiaomi air purifier.
    I think it is the best you can take.
    I took more of them.
    Recommend it.

    Aug 11,2019