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  • Antonis Myrkos
    nice coffee mug but small
    The mug is really sleek, and is also heat insulated. It's lightweight and sturdy at the same time.
    Build quality seems okay.
    The coffee mug seems larger in the picture.
    It's not 500ml, it's 473ml (pint)

    Jan 11,2018

  • Bekjan Djusupov
    Light. Cool mug. Build Quality is OK. Will see if it stay stainless. NOT 550ml but 330ml. Easy wash comfortable to drink. Look very Cool with Beer foam.
    NOT 550ml it is more like 330ml. Have some chipped finish on the handle.

    Apr 16,2018

  • Emil Oprita
    Nice mug
    Quality material, stainless steel, light, looks resistant, nice shape, ideal for beer.
    A little bit to expensive, need to be polished better befor is sell

    Apr 14,2016

  • encarnacion
    perfec beer mug
    This cup has been living in my freezer for 2 years, always ready to be filled with a can of beer (a third of a liter fits comfortably, no more). It keeps the beer cold longer and makes it have more foam (be careful when pouring it!).

    Oct 21,2018