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4.71 out of 5
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  • Marisa Hackett
    Mouse feels great in the hand and looks exactly as pictured, it's nice and low profile which helps ease wrist strain.The laser isn't always on, is annoying especially if you are used to shaking your mouse to wake up your computer

    May 22,2018

  • Inquiring Mind
    I was impressed that it works on every surface ; I tried it on my couch, this is perfect for me because I usually keep my laptop in a pocket in my backpack and my last usb broke that way, fantastic product

    Jul 29,2018

  • Glen Slater
    I had previously purchased a wireless mouse from Walmart but it would always lag and frustrating when I needed to move my mouse quickly, great price and totally worth it

    Aug 22,2018

  • Yannis
    You won't find a better mouse for your laptop. Rechargeable, lasts for weeks even after a hard daily use. Don't even think about it. I wil get more if them.

    May 24,2019

  • Ocalagator
    The USB is low profile but still large enough to pull out without much effort, at first I thought I had to turn the mouse off and back on to use it again

    Jul 21,2018

  • Eliza
    Nice and easy to set up.
    Very easy and quick to set up. Slim design with good grip. Easy to glide across the surface. It has good overall feel. Very happy with the purchase.

    Feb 20,2019

  • Horácio Macedo
    Mouse not Bluetooth
    Very good WIRELESS mouse with a good design. Buttons very soft. The battery as a good autonomy. It works very well as it have a good grip.
    This mouse is NOT BLUETOOTH as the description says.

    Jun 12,2018

  • REW
    There is nothing I don't like about this wireless mouse, it is comfortable in my hand, it is everything I expect in a wireless mouse

    Jun 21,2018

  • Becca M
    It's very quiet and has a nice minimal design, otherwise it's a great feature for kids who often forget to turn the mouse off

    Jul 28,2018

  • G. Tinius
    Just read today whilst watching `` cookie mouse'' for the billionth time that new episodes are coming !!! Oh.My.Gawd

    Jun 13,2018