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  • Lubomir
    Rechargeable 3.7V 100mAh Battery for Cheerson CX - 10 - gearbest
    kúpil som na inú quadracoptéru - fluoreon f10
    pre tento dron je batéria veľká - musel som ju upraviť - odrezať časť
    po úprave je to Ok - dron lieta
    pôvodná nabíjačka batériu nabíja na 4,16V dron lieta 4 - 5min
    z nákupom som spokojný

    I bought another quadracopter - fluoreon f10
    for this dron the battery is big - I had to adjust it - cut the part
    after editing it's Ok-dron lieta
    the original battery charger charges 4,16V dron flight 4 - 5min
    I'm happy with the purchase
    cena mohla byť nižšia

    the price could be lower

    Jul 17,2018

  • r0nar
    Universal battery
    Good quality universal battery. Be careful to observe polarity on some quadcopters. Будьте внимательны - соблюдайте полярность. На некоторых квадрокоптерах "плюс" и "минус" подключены наоборот.
    Price is slightly high

    Sep 24,2015

  • Mary
    Rechargeable 3.7 100 mAh Battery
    Ordered this battery before I realized that my Cheerson X10's battery was built-in. That doesn't matter - I know I'll use it many times over in my other small quads even if I never have to use it in the Cheerson. Thanks.
    None that I know of.

    Apr 20,2016

  • szym
    Spare Rechargeable 3.7V 100mAh Battery
    Battery works great - good and cheep. Fits into nano Quadcopters. For example: Syma X12, Cheerson CX 10, FQ777 - 124). Good value for the money. Recommend to all buyers!

    Jul 10,2016

  • urbankopter
    best cx-10 upgrade
    Ultra fast shipping, great product at great price. Perfect replacement of original cx-10 lipo - with new battery my cheerson flies over 6 minutes, GearBest is best shop from China.

    Nov 11,2015

  • Jesper Johnsen
    Good and cheap replacement battery
    Low price.
    Works great.
    Fits well into the Cheerson CX-10 even though it is slightly larger than the original battery.

    Jul 17,2016

  • John Dilger
    ordered this battery to replace my battery in my cheerson cx 10 quadcopter.
    had no problems with the order and always use gearbest for my purchases

    Oct 30,2016

  • Sergii
    Заявленная емкость, хорошая цена, малые габариты (что делает его применимым не толкьо для квадриков, но и для поделок)

    Aug 19,2016

  • Furkan
    good price spare 100mah Lipo
    cheap price
    small and light
    compatible with many nano quads I think
    not bad

    Aug 21,2016

  • Roger
    Essential for my beloved mini drone
    The small battery appears in very good condition. I bought it for my Cheerson CX10WD, just in case the battery failed due to lengthy use.
    Not yet installed so not found yet.

    Nov 13,2016