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  • Chad Johnson
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver
    they would appear larger on her than say a grown woman with bigger ears, The measurements depicted are not that helpful when it comes to earrings this small, I had to send them back as I knew I would not be happy with the tiny size

    Mar 06,2018

  • patrick w
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver
    My new earrings are wonderful, They sparkle with such beauty no one could ever tell they are not real diamonds, I'll will be checking out other jewelry items from this seller that is for sure

    Mar 22,2018

  • HizAwesomeness
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver
    These earrings are gorgeous well worth the money, They are a great size, I needed a pair of small everyday earrings that were real gold because of my allergic reaction to fake jewelry

    Jan 28,2018

  • Fawzi F.
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver
    I have very sensitive ears and I wear them all week without them bothering me at all, I've had compliments on these and love that the black and gold pretty much go with everything

    May 23,2018

  • pinkadidas178
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver
    I purchased these earrings to replace some that I lost and they couldn't be more perfect, The quality is better than I expected for the price, The backs stay on and are very secure

    Sep 11,2018

    Áno (0) Farba: Gold
    Produtos de outro mundo...
    produto de ótima qualidade, material resistente, coisa como essa que o Brasil deveria vender para seus consumidores, estão de parabéns por mais essa praticidade com os clientes...
    nada a declarar...

    Aug 08,2018

  • Mike Davinroy
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver
    I have very sensitive ears and I was worried from the other comments that the backing of these earrings would irritate my skin

    Apr 11,2018

  • Keni
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver
    The earrings look really nice on, I am waiting to see if I have an alergic reaction, So I hope my ears react positive

    Jul 24,2018

  • ddcarden
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver
    Looks great lots of sparkle and excellent quality, Doesn't hurt or make ears itchy, Phenomenal quality

    Dec 17,2017

  • 馃幎馃幖ymphony Love馃挅
    Áno (0) Farba: Silver
    get compliments as if they were real, The post holds together very well - and they feel good in your ears

    Jan 03,2018