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  • Joe_L
    I like the USB hub, - and it's a big however - I connected three external drives to my laptop via this hub immediately after I received it from Amazon, this is especially unsatisfactory because that drive has things connected via shortcuts and other symbolic links, i finally had to remove that USB connection after powering down the system and plug the drive directly into one of the computer's USB ports, one of which is my wireless mouse receiver, this thing has plenty for ports and is very capable, the charge-only ports are much faster sometimes

    Jul 31,2018

  • A. Taveras
    The design is clean, data ports each have a small blue LED indicator that lights up when in use, there is a green LED for power status, the three charging-only ports do not have LEDs, the power supply is designed so the power plug is normal size, this is a new purchase for me, i trust that my good experience with other Anker products will hold true for this hub, most of what I've got plugged in doesn't need that extra speed

    Oct 07,2018

  • Lilly Muhlenbruch
    Like the lights indicating USB connection is working, i use the USB connection back to an Apple Macbook Pro, finder immediately showed device availability, fills the need to manage multiple USB connections back to today's technology that often has a single USB input ... and fills it very well, the need exists to manage multiple connections - as a convenience - the cost is not unreasonable

    Jul 18,2018

  • Nathan Karklins
    I would like to make a few design suggestions however, i personally have this mounted to a wall with sticky pads and would have liked to see some sort of mounting solution included as well as having the power and ` uplink' ports on the opposite end so if mounting vertically those connections would be pointing down and easier to connect/cable manage

    Oct 04,2018

  • Nestor A Bonilla
    My charger just arrived it took about two days for the price I am very pleased it's thick and looks like it was made sturdy soon as I plug my phone up it begin charging very quickly it is on the short side I would prefer a longer length but for the price I can't complain I will be purchasing in the future again

    Oct 16,2018

  • János
    USB led light
    Satisfies my expectations.
    Appropriate length, easy to adjust.
    Backlight for television, computer monitor.
    The advantage is the separate switch.
    Good design, fit into the environment.
    Great value for money.

    Nov 20,2018

  • Clarence Bowser
    Excellent hub, i'm using this with my Surface Book because the four ports on the Microsoft Dock just weren't enough to handle all the different connections I found myself needing, connectors were more than long enough for my installation

    Sep 02,2018

  • Gio G.
    The IQ charging function on this hub works great, the only issue is that power plug comes out on its own just enough for the hub to lose power, several device cables all plugged in the hub moving around and getting turned onto its side a lot

    Oct 07,2018

  • FoundForrester
    We have a small computer desk and it was not long enough to reach the desktop computer from the top shelf, fortunately we still had the connecting cable from the old hub that we were replacing

    Aug 15,2018

  • Tom Dennis
    I'm glad the power supply is tucked away behind my ups because I can hear it if it is really quiet in the room, i have another Anker product five port USB charger and it makes no noise I can hear

    Sep 13,2018