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  • Murph51
    Great strings that last, keep them wiped clean and you can really extend string life, for new guitar players most guitars are set up for tension of Regular Slinky strings so no need to re-setup the bridge etc., so if you are new or new-ish to guitars stay Regular Slinkys, for new guitarists you are best served to change a whole set when a string breaks

    Dec 18,2017

  • Linda R. Jones
    These might be my favorite strings now for low tunings, playing in C standard or D and they feel great with no slack.have them on my cheap Ibanez and I have been playing it more than my dime'o flame so its time I got another two sets to put on my higher end guitars

    Mar 03,2018

  • F0DD3R
    I have been using Ernie Ball string for as long as I remember, the heavier strings really gave my guitar a lot heavy sound, these are great quality strings and these are the only brand I will use !!

    Nov 05,2017

  • S&Rs Mom
    I found these strings the best way to alternate betwen acoustic and eletric guitar, but which are way too flimsy after switching mostly to acoustic and using electric just for solos

    Sep 08,2018

  • Betty L. Murphydwoske
    You are planning to go with thicker strings for better tone then these should do you as well as any other, doubt you will want to go back to the thinner strings

    Jul 03,2016

  • L. Samek
    Billy Gibbons and many others used very light gauge strings, but I was curious to see why so many legendary guitarists played thin strings

    May 03,2017

  • Robert A. Hart
    These strings are great for punching out power chords, but do produce a very confident sound, more difficult way to play

    Jan 01,2018

  • Firery Red
    You love to jam and want a string with a good soft feel to it and consistent tuning then you need to try a pack of these

    Nov 10,2016

  • Michelle L.
    I know tone is personal, slightly different tone than the Cobalt

    Oct 18,2018

  • Mitch G
    Decent strings for the price, but for the price it's good enough

    Oct 25,2017