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  • Dan dup
    Huawei Smart Band 3 Pro
    After having this watch for one week, I am quite happy with the band's performance and quality. Here are some pros and cons so far:

    1) Getting 16 days of use out of the battery in normal watch mode is quite a stretch (and somewhat impossible in my opinion). I usually have the sleep monitoring function on while having the continuous heart monitoring, permanent GPS and cellphone notifications off. I get 2-3 days from a single 1.5hour charge.
    2) No elevation change details in route info after GPS tracking an activity
    3) No integration with some popular fitness apps such as Strava (one of the biggest drawbacks since I was using Strava for almost two years before getting the Huawei)
    4) In order to set up your watch you need to download two rather large apps (>100MB) on your mobile device (I don't see an desktop version of the apps either) - Huawei Mobile Services and Huawei Health
    5) Relatively short time before screen goes to "sleep" and this time cannot be adjusted in the watch's settings or in the app
    4) It has had a bit of lag in showing real-time pace when I jog (delay of 2-5 seconds), which is a bit frustrating since I am increasing my pace and trying to see by how much my pace picked up by continuously tapping the "wake" button and flicking my wrist.
    1) You can comfortably get more than 5 hourse of GPS use, after using the watch in GPS mode for 2.5-3hours and depleting about 50% battery life.
    2) The GPS is accurate enough for most purposes and usually initiates connection quite quickly (

    Nov 08,2019

  • Marcelo Pritsch
    Great product - delivered as spectated.
    Product delivered under the conditions set out in the notice.
    There was only a delay in delivery.
    The wristband works perfectly and with good battery life.

    Dec 20,2019

  • flima
    Relógio muito bom, a tela ilumina bem até no claro, após atualizar já ficou em português, veio bem rápido, excelente vendedor.

    Oct 18,2019