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  • Katalin Csángó
    reliable, works accurately
    It charges quickly and has a low power consumption, so it can be used for a long time. Care should be taken to turn the power on and off, it will not turn off automatically.

    Oct 26,2019

  • Yuri
    Hello. Stylus is working properly with Apple Ipad.
    Attention, depend of the version of Ipad stylus can work in different ways.
    With my iPad 32GB Wi-Fi stylus the stylus pointer must be vertical against the screen.
    On other models of iPad, stylus can be inclided also like a pen, so it can work more smoothly.

    Dec 11,2019

  • Petrus Cătălin
    Very good
    Work fine on all my phones and tablets.I guess I will buy another one.

    Jan 17,2020