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  • TJA
    This product is excellent, It was very easy to place it on my phone with very clear instructions and quality material, After a day or so I realized that perhaps only the screen protector is cracked and the actual phone screen may be undamaged, my phone screen was completely untouched

    Aug 14,2018

  • Anthony F. Patterson
    I'll admit I was skeptical that this thin protector was going to protect my iPhone screen, I picked my phone up and the entire screen was shattered in several spots -LRB- or so I thought -RRB-, That was what was shattered rather than my actual screen on my phone

    Jul 05,2018

  • nathan harrison
    My review is delayed because I wanted to make sure the quality of this screen protector was still excellent, I purchased two packs so I could share the protectors with family members who agree that this is the best screen protector on the market

    Aug 18,2018

  • Liat27
    No complaints and I love the easy to apply tabs in comparison to other screen protectors I have had in the past, Easy to apply and comes with step-by-step instructions and all the fuzz and smudge removers needed to get the right seal

    Jul 09,2018

    Seems like a great product, The product itself feels very protective and does not interfere with operation of the phone at all, My only other concern is that it does not seem to adhere all the way to the very edge of the protector

    Aug 07,2018

  • Alpine Lake Resort
    I dropped my phone a few months ago and was bummed that I had a hairline crack all the way across the screen - until someone told me that was just the screen protector - it applies so clear that I forgot I had one on my phone : -RRB-

    Sep 19,2018

  • Adam A. Wynn
    These were very easy to attach they have little tabs to hold it while you set it on your screen so your fingers don't touch the sticky part, The other brand did not have the little tabs which made it hard to set on my screen

    May 26,2018

  • Ben M. Lewelling
    This is my second time purchasing these screen protectors and they're amazing, I have dropped my phone with these screen protectors multiple times over and not once have they failed to protect my screens

    Jun 05,2018

  • srptopdog
    The kit provides a microfiber cloth to wipe away smudges like other products, but the kit also provides a low-adhesive product to remove tiny particles of dust that would cause air bubbles under the film

    May 17,2018

  • Koschack
    The screen glass works great but Infond it VERY difficult to put on successfully, the fourth screen I put on was slightly off, I know it is protecting simply by the abuse I see on the protective screen

    Aug 03,2018