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  • Alex
    Amazing tires
    Brought those tires after had several punctures on original pneumatic ones .
    Has been looking for different ones but those looking very good.
    Installing tires wasn't easy ,but I have made a stand resting board where tire can be fixed without standing on axis just on rim.Then after boiling for 30 min and using cable ties, soupy water and standing on the sides of the wheel I could pool it on with motorcycle tire levers .
    Tires sits perfectly ,when dropping wheel slightly bouncing but not as pneumatic ones.
    I really don't feel too much difference compare to pneumatic ones when raiding and bear in your mind NO PUNCTURES ANY MORE!!!
    Fantastic Tires! Very recommended.

    Dec 07,2019

  • Manslock
    Pneu pour M365
    Compliqué a monter mais sinon correspond bien, peut être moins amortissant que les pneu à trou

    A comparer ....

    Oct 06,2019

  • Max
    очень полезная вещь. спокойно теперь можно ездить. посмотрим как будет служить , а пока всем рекомендую

    Oct 13,2019