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  • Srebio
    GPS Tracker GF09
    Very interesting gps tracker.It can also be used with 365GPS.It is small in size and has a magnet inside.It is very easy to use and my recommendation is to buy.

    Sep 04,2019

  • alex
    small,cheap and "Positioning accuracy: 10 - 50 meters" -a joke.with full signal ,outdoor(no wifi) accuracy it's between 650m-1000m!!!!!!!.if it's in wifi range, location is good.vibration alert,big noise alert work fine.i buy this product for gps/gprs location.just one star.

    Mar 16,2019

  • Srebio
    gf09 tracker
    A great mini tracker.The location is very easy to find.Can be used with the application via IMEI number.Can be used by sending SMS messages.Very practical and effective.Good seller

    Nov 07,2019

  • Srebio
    GPS Tracker gf 09
    Reliable and secure deviceThey always show the location.An android app combined with an IMEI number is a very good idea.I'm happy with the purchase

    Jan 01,2020

  • Orhan
    Need assistance (please)
    I got it and set properly (I believe) but at the app 365gps it is indicating as “no data “ I need a technical support from providers. Thank you

    Jan 16,2020

  • GPS
    The GPS looks good but that's where the benefits are. The accuracy on the outside is up to 1000m !!!! as a locator without usable

    Mar 23,2019


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