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1,5m 10-LED drevený dom String svetlo pre vianočné dekorácie izby
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1,5m 10-LED drevený dom String svetlo pre vianočné dekorácie izby

- biely Farebné svetlo / 1,5 metra 373287803

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LED žiarovky sa používajú na šetrenie energie a ochranu životného prostredia. Strižkové LED diódy LED sú ideálnym ornamentom. To môže byť zvyknutý naozdobte svoju party alebo rodinný stôl alebo stenu, S jedinečným osvetlením je to fantastické umenie.Perfektný darček a dekorácia: LED svietidlá môžu byť použité ako narodeniny, valentínsky deň, vianočné darčeky pre rodiny, milovníkov, priateľky, dievčatá, deti atď.slúži na svadby, večierky, svadobné hostiny, narodeninové oslavy atď.
Hlavné rysy:
Jednoduchý dizajn LED s retiazkou
Jedinečný jednoduchý dizajn domu, nielen zdobenie vášho domu, ale aj osvetlenie.
Medený drôt a drevený materiál
Použitím medeného drôtu a dreveného materiálu sa ľahko čistí povrchový popol.
●Energy-saving and environment-friendly
●Low power consumption, high efficiency, long life
Jednoduché použitie
Môže byť priamo zavesený na stenu alebo na iných miestach.
Môžete ju tiež zavesiť na stenu spálne, vianočný stromček atď.
Môžete ju vyzdobiť, aby vyzerala tak, ako ju chcete.
●Power supply: 2 x AA battery ( not included )
Široká aplikácia
Je vhodná pre festivalové, večierkové, výstavné a iné aktivity.

Typ zdroja svetla: LED
Číslo svietidla: 10
Dĺžka strunového svetla: 1,5 m


Rozmery a hmotnosť

Hmotnosť výrobku: 0,1200 kg
Hmotnosť balíka: 0,1300 kg
Veľkosť balíka: 38,00 x 30,00 x 7,00 cm / 14,96 x 11,81 x 2,76 palcov

Obsah balenia

obsah balenia: 1 x String Light

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  • Andrew P.
    The lights were bright and unlike some small led lights they were visible from all angles,the light string was out in the rain (we had an unusual amount of rain for california),you have the option of plugging the light string directly into the power supply,without using the controller box that works with the remote control,i had purchased these to replace permanent rope lights in our front courtyard but decided the color of the light and the look of the wire wasn't right for a permanent installation,they are a little dim but no more so than any other string at this price point,the wire used is extremely thin solid enameled copper magnet wire and sometimes this leads to the leds facing the wrong direction,it was already a bit kinked in a few places from being wound up in the box

    Dec 06,2018

  • Carl V.
    Bulky mess to work with like traditional lights,they pack a powerful punch (as far as how much light they put off),my favorite thing about them is the ability to control them,there are different settings controlling brightness,the end of the wire is not able to be plugged in to or attached to any other set to lengthen them,we did twist the wire around another matching end of a different strand to get the exact length we needed to hang them under our deck,they are perfect for this because they're a very light strand that puts out a lot of light and they don't get hot,the copper wire and bulbs don't get hot at all so I use a shorter strand on my wooden shelves and tv stand for christmas decor

    Nov 27,2018

  • LAXReader
    These lights are great !! I just put these in the front yard on a small palm tree and they are so gorgeous,this is the first thing I put up of my outdoor christmas decorations,i put them up a little early but I was anxious to see what they looked light,the lights are small but bright and gorgeous,these were so easy to put on the tree because they are so much more flexible than the normal light strings i've been putting up for years,i have some garland that i'm going to be decorating to go around the doors outside and this would be a wonderful addition to my project and the lights would be so easy to twist around the garland

    Dec 17,2018

  • UnionGirl
    These are not really as well described as they could be but I mean that in a good way,they are basically just an extremely thin but sturdy wire with the led bulbs placed along the string and would be great for decorating a bedroom for subtle night-lights or you could double the strand for under counter lighting or use for back lighting around a big screen tv or since they are approved for outside used they could be used for decorating a tree or just a small amount of light around the patio or to mark steps or any of a thousand uses

    Dec 12,2018

  • Quang Truong
    I thought these lights were going to be bigger in size but to my surprise they were so small,as I went and put them up around my room they really packed a punch and gave the room a cool ambiance where my previous lights gave the room a warm tone,i would totally recommend this to anyone who lives inside their room it makes it much calmer and it will literally light your whole room with no issues what so ever and they are so easy to install that this brand is probably what I would go for from now on because it is just so wonderful

    Dec 10,2018

  • Bryan Pfaffenberger
    Quality does not look so good when you open the box,it is pretty long which is good for outdoor use,rechargeable battery packs,it provides warm light which helps illuminate your campsite or area,the bulbs are plastic and seem study enough to be bumped around a bit without breaking like you're traditional christmas lights,you can't string them together which is unfortunate however I have two outputs on my battery and can make two strings of lights possible,pocket sized ones that only use usb

    Nov 28,2018

  • From SLO
    These lights are awesome,fairly priced and such good quality,the copper is genius because you can mold them around hooks and force them to stay in certain places ; something impossible to do with regular string lights,i hope they last for as long as the typical christmas tree ones do,definitely great for room decor and overall wonderful for purposeful lighting,i was astonished to put these up and see the clear white glow,just pure and clear lights right where you want them

    Nov 22,2018

  • ralphy78
    Haven't used yet but plug in and try the dimmer which will be a feature I look forward to using depending on the atmosphere I choose for the moment,we like to leave a light on at night or during a movie and before we had christmas lights and they were just way too bright but these string lights are amazing,they are so pretty and dainty and they give of the perfect amount of light for any occasion,they have been very reliable and work perfectly

    Nov 27,2018

  • Brad Jackson
    These solar powered leds are the best thing since sliced bread !! I am completely obsessed with adding as many lights outside as I can without giving the appearance that i'm just too lazy to take down my christmas lights,they really give off a great amount of light for being so small,the solar power from a decently sunny day keeps these lights going well into the night,i'm very pleased with this purchase and i'm sure i'll be back to buy more

    Dec 04,2018

  • rediornot
    These string lights are great because you don't have to plug them in and they are easily bended to fit any space,they don't light up the space enough to read a book or anything but they are beautiful decoration and with my porch light on as well they are a nice atmospheric touch,it's also great that when it's light out they automatically shut off so you don't have to worry about them being on all day when it's unnecessary

    Dec 09,2018

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