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  • Edward Moscati
    You follow the instructions and watch the quick little video this product is great, but this application method is a little bit different and as simple as it sounds it actually went on perfectly without a single bubble, definitely worth the price as cheap as it is

    Oct 18,2018

  • Tornike
    I was very pleased with this product, this product actually comes with a whole application kit, they actually provide you with rubber bands and a set of stickers to use as a door hinge-like method

    Sep 30,2018

  • eekitsaspider
    The amFilm application system makes you dry fit the placement, then you remove the protective plastic from the amFilm and you flip the amFilm onto the iPhone display for a perfect placement

    Oct 18,2018

  • James M Stoecklin
    The process is a bit more complex and involves more steps, i'm tempted to replace protectors on some of those other devices if I can find amFilm protectors that fit

    Sep 27,2018

  • Richard Pe帽a
    The application was easy, the screen protector is good for casual use and protection, I think it serves the purpose and is a good price

    Oct 07,2018

  • Fernando
    Esportiva | Sporty
    Pulseira bem-feita, bem semelhante à original mas realça a Mi Band 3 no seu pulso.Eu recomendo!Nicely done strap, very like the original but highlights the Mi Band 3 on your wrist.I do recommend it!

    Oct 26,2018

  • 3littlesingers
    I am considering ordering a custom fit piece of this same material to cover the front bumper and limit bug/pebble damage

    Sep 21,2018

  • Y.S. Wang
    I recommend this to anyone that wants a good quality screen protector that is easy to install and is very inexpensive

    Oct 08,2018

  • Daniel J Keidel
    The high quality charger looks great, and family android devices very quickly and includes a small

    Oct 16,2018

  • George
    An excellent product for a relatively low price
    Good quality, not like original bracelet, but it's very close. Some of them doesn't have clean cuts.

    Nov 13,2018