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  • toomer
    nice little converter
    this is really nice for making a home made charger from a battery you have laying around, i picked mine to be a 12 V scooter battery, and it works great! i also tried a 24v camper battery for a short time, and it works awesome too! -fast charging (compared to another regulator i tried) - small size (great for custom chargers) -2 ports! I run my phone and portable speakers for hours!
    not much, only problem i had was accidentally backing the wire mount screw out all the way, and struggling to put it back in, not a problem with the device!

    Dec 31,2015

  • Ordinary user
    Exellent 16.4+w step down module
    Всегда приятно, когда реальные возможности превышают заявленные характеристики...Модуль великолепно держит напряжение на выходе вплоть до 3.3а !!! На предельных нагрузках греется в районе микрокомпонента с маркировкой 470. Установка радиатора для 3d принтера решила эту проблему. Плата чистая c креплением проводов на вход до 1.5 квадратов.Рекомендую.

    Oct 19,2018

  • Andre
    DC 6-35V to 5V 3A Double USB Voltage Step Down
    - Needed for a small project and it was perfect - Price and quality were great - Tested one to it's limit and it was accurate to the specifications - Item is properly packaged into anti-static bags - Might buy more for the price
    none found

    Feb 02,2018

  • Peet
    Nice product
    - Really good assembly quality - USB dual stack connector & Terminal block excellent quality - Compact design - Low ripple on outpul voltage under charge
    - No one found yet

    Aug 18,2016

  • Remigijus
    DIY DC 6 - 35V to 5V 3A USB
    This product matches the description.Wide range voltage input.Stable 5V voltage output.Two USB ports with strong construction.

    Oct 16,2018

  • degargullo
    as described, verry good,
    as described, verry good, this is my 2nd order.as described, verry good, this is my 2nd order.as described, verry good, this is my 2nd order.as described, verry good, this is my 2nd order.

    Sep 02,2019

  • Aziz
    Energy solar module best quality
    best quality module for solar energy shipped in time and received in no mush time .
    nothing at all

    Jan 17,2018

  • Matthias Schwarz
    Very good step down USB
    * two USB connectors * tested at 2.5+A long time, works fine but gets warm (as to expect) * better no-load current than many other similar devices (about 10-12mA AFAIR),
    * the two USB connectors are quite near, can only plug in two USB cable at once, not a MP3 stick or USB current/voltage monitor with other device/cable

    Jun 30,2016

    looooovve it
    perfectly working and delivery time was so fast and i got the best service from gearbest.n nothing to complain about...the price are 100% satisfying.

    Mar 27,2019

  • Triemstra
    Ideal for projects in vehicles, where there are no USB ports available
    I consider that there are no negative aspects in the product, although some components are soldered to the plate in a misaligned way...

    Apr 27,2017