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  • Toprak Egin
    Small size without compromising usefulness
    - You can use the device without needing any cables in some instances - It is as good as an arduino - It is even smaller than smallest arduino- You can experiment without thinking about if it's gonna break because it's cheap - It comes with the headers unsoldered
    - Initializing it a little bit tricky and only official arduino software works with it (which means no online compilers or Visual Studio)- There are not enough pins for big projects or even sometimes little projects

    Jan 25,2018

  • Andrea
    Digispark review
    Hello everyone, I chose this product because it is suitable for beginners of programming. I like it because it is very small and you can create endless projects. I recommend this product to anyone.

    Dec 23,2018

  • Alexander
    Digispark USB
    - good for first step in programming - lot of tutorials easy to find - cheap - easy to use
    - none

    Nov 08,2016

  • Sarunas
    Micro controler
    This is small Micro controler, easy programable, lots of manual o web an app.best first programable Micro controler for first time programing.

    Sep 04,2018

  • Pr
    Digispark usb
    its a very simple easy to make commands usb for arduinoits fun to well mess around with your friends or to burn someones cpu by a specific command via cmd.I do suggest it its fun

    Jan 09,2019

  • hog287
    Nice cheap board.
    It's hands down the cheapest price ive seen. great for little one off projects.works with arduino ide and the new atom ide. im using one to power a set of 30 ws2812b led's
    None so far

    May 04,2016

  • Peter
    love it works great after installing drivers and stuff... Check YT for tutorials!
    none at all!

    Jun 23,2017

  • Andrey Mitsyk
    Отличная плата
    Работает без перебоев, очень меленького размера. К arduino IDE подключилась нормально. Примеров много для работы с ней. При заливке скетча надо плату отключить и включить в USB порт обратно. На официальном сайте платы есть все необходимые драйвера и инструкции.

    Dec 12,2016

  • Helio Perez
    Good for a kick start!
    So tiny and portableRobust USB connector and boardThe best to begin programing Arduino

    Jul 10,2017

  • J Costa
    Nada contra, como descrito. Útil para projetos que necessitem de um processador pequeno.
    Nada de mal.

    Aug 10,2018