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  • Miguel Felipe
    Pros:1. Looks good with curved glass.2. Raise wrist to see time. Shows watch face when you raise your wrist, works almost all the time. The band needs to be facing you(the device needs to be in vertical orientation) for it to know when you raise your wrist, it doesn't work if the watch is facing upwards.3. Vibration is strong and works for almost all things that you would want it for.4. Heart rate tracking seems to be quite accurate.5. Step tracking is very accurate and very hard to fool. Steps do not increase if you're on a vehicle or by shaking your wrist. Steps are accurate even if you are holding your wrist up(when it is not feeling the jerks from walking).6. Sleep tracking automatically knows when you're sleeping and when you woke up. Also shows how much time of deep sleep you got and how you're doing compared to other users.7. You get app notifications based on apps you've chosen.8. Reminds you to move if you've been idle for an hour. Can be turned off as well.Cons:1. Not enough watch faces. Only 3 basic watch faces, not customizable.2. Glass is Prone to scratches.3. Wearing the band while sleeping is kind of uncomfortable if you're not used to it, like most people. But you get used to it after a few days.4. Heart rate tracking has a always on mode where it keeps monitoring heart rate all day, but this takes a lot of battery and your battery lasts for only 3 days at max.5. band vibrates 2 times for each app notification which is annoying. I prefer to keep it off for whatsapp, etc.6. You can't customize which notifications you get from the selected apps. For example, it is not possible to get only private message notifications but not group notifications from whatsapp.7. Alarms need to be silenced on phone even after it has been silenced on the band.8. Band keeps vibrating even if call has been silenced on the phone.

    Jan 20,2019

  • Tibor
    BT163 Mini Bluetooth Music
    With any old tape recorder or hi-fi, you can make a bluetooth player with this cool little device.Can be operated from an adapter or powerbank.

    Mar 18,2019

  • Edu
    Adaotador inalambrico bluetooth
    Funciona correctamente, aunque la calidad del cable 3.5 es muy mala, el USB funciona perfectamente, tardo mucho en llegar alrededor de 2.5 meses pero fue porque gearbest no pago los impuestos en su debido momento!

    Feb 13,2019

  • adaptador bluetooth
    adaptador Bluetoothtopeconômicocusto benefíciomuito bomusbp2

    Jul 25,2019

  • Georgios
    Very good quality, working fine and fast shipment. Product is as photo shown and doing its work fine. No problems were faced all time i am working it.

    Jul 30,2019

  • Ajay Kumar
    wonderful Bluetooth adapter
    This is a wonderful working for adaptor. And this is a delivery by fast.

    Dec 26,2018

  • Ajay Kumar
    this is a wonderful working for adaptor
    this is a wonderful working for Bluetooth adaptor. It is a beautiful delivery.

    Jan 07,2019

  • caio
    funciona bem, nada como um panasonic da vida, mas quebra bem o galho...

    Feb 22,2019

  • Claudia
    Pen drive que faz ligação telemóvel/carro 5 estrelas. Bom produto.

    Nov 20,2018

    adaptador sem fio para meu som
    produto ótimo funcionou bem no meu aparelho de som bluetooth ótimo

    Jan 25,2019