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  • Mixknickknacks
    I love this lamp - it's perfect, it's exactly the right touch in my small neutral-toned living room, it perfectly echoes the arches of my wall niches and adds a graceful architectural touch to an otherwise boring arrangement of two comfy reading chairs, I arranged mine with the shortest shade on one side and the middle and tallest both swung over on the other side because I placed the the lamp against a wall and between two reading chairs, or to be able to have the lights on for only one or the other chair, from whole room to targeted reading spot, and both warm and bright light, the base is quite heavy for its size, which is good for lamp stability but could be challenging for some when assembling or moving this lamp

    Sep 06,2018

  • oscar osorio
    The two set screws needed to keep the pole tight to the base should be screwed into the base, I could have VERY EASILY dropped/lost these two set screws and been left with a loose lamp not properly secured, aside from almost losing two set screws the piece is very nice, you have the option of pulling the top bar out all the way so the lamp shade is parallel with the floor and the bulb is directed down to the floor, the shade is also on a hinge that will allow you to lift the shade up such that the side of the shade is parallel to the ground and the light bulb is pointing perpendicular from the pole and directed towards the wall or edge of the room, it comes with an LED bulb that will not be hot to the touch

    Aug 17,2018

  • Miklós Péter Imre
    Ma érkezett meg, gondos csomagolásban. Ami elsőre feltűnt, hogy pehelykönnyű. Praktikus, okos termék, kis helyiségek, mint például a gardrób, a kamra megvilágítására tökéletes. USB porton keresztül lehet tölteni, tehát az elemekkel sem kell bajlódni. Viszont, mivel töltést igényel, ezért célszerű könnyen hozzáférhető helyre tenni.

    Sep 24,2019

  • bilphill
    Purchased based on personal needs/wants in a lamp but also because of its high reviews, even with a few negative reviews I was a little worried, once installed I was very curious about how much it would light up my living room since I do not have any ceiling lights in my condo, lamp works great with my wall switch, I use the brightest one mostly and sometimes the lowest one for dim lighting, smaller than most floor lamps so it doesn't look bulky or take up too much space

    Jul 09,2018

  • Christopher Hong
    What I like about them is that the color is softer/yellower than other LED lights that are the daylight type, the daylights less yellow and more blue/white seem to be falling out of favor recently as studies are showing that the bright daylight lights are messing with our circadian rhythms, it's possible than any LED light could do that compared to incandescent, so it's at least nice to see LED lights that mimic incandescent a little better

    Jul 06,2018

  • Fletch in LV
    It is a very simple floor lamp with a nice sturdy base and a bright light, the LED lights stay cool just like your xmas tree LED lights, if you take a minute to read through the questions/answer section you will see they don't recommend you put it on a light switch to turn it on, if you are looking for a decorative floor lamp this isn't for you, if you are looking for a functional floor lamp that can fit anywhere this is for you

    Jun 08,2018

  • R. Stein
    This torchiere lamp is nice and bright, great for a room that doesn't have an overhead fixture, the fact that it's an LED light keeps it from getting too hot, so you can use a light touch to decide where you want the illumination to go, it also has a dimmer function -- a very light touch on the power button gives you several levels of brightness to suit your mood, as all of the lights in my living room are dim

    Apr 23,2018

  • Angellvr
    The LED lights in this lamp produces a warm temperature very similar to traditional bulbs, I was a little worried that it would not give off a nice warm color, especially at the low setting, the light switch is not a typical switch that you push in to click, and then toggles between it's three settings High, overall it's a nice lamp and one that I would buy again

    Sep 09,2018

  • Miklós Péter Imre
    Olcsó, ötletes, praktikus
    Kis helyiségek megvilágítására tökéletes, például a kamra vagy a gardrób, így nem kell a villanyt folyton fel-le kapcsolgatni. Plusz pont jár, amiért nem elemmel működik, hanem akksija van.

    Oct 31,2019

  • Leah R.
    I was looking for a decent floor lamp that would light my small living room well since I don't have a ceiling light in the room, this fit the bill and the LED lights are very bright on the highest setting, actually it's too bright for my liking so I leave it on the second setting, overall I would recommend this lamp highly

    Mar 07,2018