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  • Ale
    Ottimo spruzzino
    Ottimo spruzzino per il vater. Avevo già adottato questa soluzione ma dopo qualche tempo lo spruzzino di marca prestigiosa e ben più costosa si è incrostato e si è bloccata la leva di apertura. Non risultava riparabile perchè composto da componenti originali non facilmente reperibili.
    Appena ho visto la pubblicità di questo l'ho subito acquistato con la solita facilità e garanzia offerta da Gearbest, ormai un colosso nel settore.
    L'ho montato subito e facilmente avendo lo stesso innesto, bello esteticamente e abbastanza robusto e tra l'altro ho notato con sorpresa che esiste la possibilità di sostituire l'ugello con estrema facilità perchè ha (pura logica e inteligenza) una misura standard (era tanto difficile pensarlo...).
    Contento e soddisfatto.

    Nov 22,2018

  • Margaret
    Perfect replacement
    This sprayer was the perfect replacement for the old one on my faucet. I left out the hard plastic washer as some reviews that I had read said it caused leaks and I haven't had any problems at all. The hardest part for me was getting the little clip back on, but I just opened it up slightly and it went right on and worked to hold the piece in place. I just hand tightened the sprayer so as not to break anything and it works perfectly.

    Sep 10,2018

  • konstantin
    Steel Toilet Spray
    отличная лейка из нержавейки 304 Stainless Steel Toilet Spray Gun,соответствует описанию,брал по акции,доставка быстрая,рекомендую!
    excellent stainless steel watering can 304 Stainless Steel Toilet Spray Gun, fits the description, took on the stock, delivery is fast, I recommend!

    Mar 16,2019

  • konstantin
    304 Stainless Steel Toilet Spray Gun
    хороший распылитель 304 Stainless Steel Toilet Spray Gun из нержавейки ,брал на скидках,описанию соответствует,рекомендую!
    A good stainless steel 304 Stainless Steel Toilet Spray Gun dispenser, taken at a discount, matches the description, I recommend!

    Apr 07,2019

  • Benjamin
    Clean and easy...
    I will not detail how this should be used... I will just say that it does it perfectly and produces a very powerful water jet.
    Installation is straightforward (screw it on your pipe and use it), you just need to pay attention to the pipe diameters (or you will need to by a coupling adaptor, which cost only a few cents in any good hardware store).

    May 08,2019

  • Vladimir
    Кнопочный пистолет для ваной
    Пистолет водомёт применений которому есть множество выполнен качественно из нержавейки подключил работает просто супер бъёт тоненькими струйками очень качествено пистолет полностью разборной и ремонтопригодный что также есть огромным плюсом. Мне очень понравился данный прибор.рекомендую к покупке.

    Apr 10,2019

  • No plug'n play
    Not as in the pictures...
    Be aware that the angle valve is not like in the pictures with two male and one female threading. The Angle valve comes with Three (3) male threadings so you have to buy an extra 1/2" female adapter to connect the spray gun to your existing water hose :(

    Feb 03,2019

  • gks2002
    Spray Gun
    Highly recomended!!! Very good quality and fast delivery. I am Happy!!!
    I am ordered 2 pcs before and istall it.Now my wife ask me order more of this guns. Really good things. Thank You!!!

    Mar 18,2019

  • Moeke
    it's something everyone should have
    Wont miss it anymore, installed at the toilet, now everyone leaves a clean toilet behind without any problem it's hygienic and easy to use

    Nov 27,2018

  • Vincent
    Works very well
    Works very well, sprays well even with no frills its a good sprayer. Very happy with our purchase of this sprayer.

    Sep 16,2018