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  • Michael Cron
    The camera clip was very nice and is actually the best part of this entire kit, The quality of the wide-angle lens could be better, There is not much vingetting around the edges, when other lens kits do not, This lens kit has the strongest macro lens I have seen, is actually really hard to focus when taking the picture, The fisheye lens also leaves blurry images

    Apr 02,2018

  • Karen Clark
    I just received the lens kit and so far I'm really impressed with its capabilities as well as the instructional videos that come along with it, The lenses are easy to use and I've taken several test photos and can see a definite difference with and without them

    Apr 20,2018

  • Susan Jensen
    The slip on lense was purchased for the ability to have a clear photo for cropping or zooming, The clip on is somewhat cumbersome if you plan to use your smartphone for other things and wish to add and remove the lense throughout the day

    Jun 02,2018

  • FoggyMan69
    3 in1 Fish Eye Wide Angle Macro Camera Clip-on Lens for Universal Cell Phone - Black
    3 in1 Fish Eye Wide Angle Macro Camera Clip-on Lens for Universal Cell Phone - Black
    It works with single camera phone.
    Basic features but you can not expect much for this price

    Oct 07,2019

  • kyle purvis
    he LOVED it - especially the Macro lens and he has been regaling me with super close up pix of spider eyes and snake scales ever since :--RRB- We were both impressed with the quality of the product and the hard shell case

    Mar 17,2018

  • Kevin Alcala
    Lentes Útiles y Sencillos
    Estos lentes son ideales para cuando salimos de viaje y queremos una fotografía con un gran angular mayor
    de hasta 180°
    Es muy bueno para fotografíar paisajes
    El lente de macro en ciertas ocasiones es mejor no usarlo
    No me gusta el marco negro que queda pero así son los lentes para teléfono móviles

    Apr 22,2018

  • o_shanin
    Funny little addon to your phone.
    Definitely doesn't improve the quality of picture but adds viewing angle and focusing distance effects.
    Macro lens is the most useful, as for me.

    May 10,2019

  • Jim Kramer
    the lens is great and no problem attaching it to my iPhone it picks up a wide angle view when attached to phone on my dash board used as a dash cam, Great product

    Apr 16,2018

  • 40Something
    The packaging and the video information is great in helping you to get familiar with using the lens, but I am looking forward to using the wide angle lens

    Jun 19,2018

  • S. J. K. Haley
    Very happy with this lens, My videos are all captured in a fairly tight space and the wide angle helps open it up, but it's well within the acceptable range

    Jun 07,2018