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4.76 out of 5
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  • Itsleenalou
    Áno (0) Farba: Black
    This review is going to be more of my personal opinion on this strings and how I `` hear'' them compared to other strings I have bought, the strings are quality made and even are colored on the end to even make it easier to identify which strings is which, now the four stars is mostly because I am comparing these to some elixirs that I previously had and in my opinion the elixirs produced a much more vibrant and warm sound and these sound a little more `` tinny'' and loud, they are good quality strings and still sound great

    Jul 22,2018

  • Michal Prywes
    Áno (0) Farba: Black
    I found that right out of the box there didn't seem to be any of that `` break in period'' that other brands required, there's minimal string talk with this brand and I've never had one break no matter how hard I get on them and I use custom lights on one guitar just because they bend easier and I can manipulate the strings easier but I also know I can shred those customs without fear

    Aug 02,2018

  • Taija Cubbage
    Áno (0) Farba: Black
    Really good strings, one thing I really like about these strings is they aren't overly bright or `` twangy'' right out of the package like some other more expensive brands can be, i've now had them on my Breedlove for a couple weeks and they are staying true to the test of time so far I've definitely had strings that sounded good for a few days and then tanked after that

    Aug 03,2018

  • Nancy Arnstein
    Áno (0) Farba: Black
    I `` m new to the Guitar little less than a year I wanted some lighter strings om my Fender Acoustic.They were packaged nice and the colored ends make changing the strings a breeze.They feel and sound much better than what came with the Guitar.Most nights I have it in my hands for at least a hour and more

    Oct 05,2018

  • Ashley Hudson
    Áno (9) Farba: Black
    The best strings on the planet, and the Phosphor bronze have a truly great sound on my Taylors, I won't play any other string on either my Electric or acoustic other than D'Addario, if you want the best sounding strings, and at a much more affordable price

    Oct 06,2018

  • ActuallySisters
    Áno (0) Farba: Black
    Big fat sound, heaviest you can buy in a set that I can find, great for alt tunings/fingerstyle and tuning low, if you are not used to heavy strings your fingers will hate you

    Jul 14,2018

  • evan moore
    Áno (0) Farba: Black
    Replaced the stock strings on my new guitar with these, compared to other `` highly affordable'' strings, guaranteed cleanliness and quality for such a good price

    Oct 06,2018

  • desiree gilbert
    Áno (0) Farba: Black
    Makes it a bit easier to bend the higher smaller strings for blues, etc. but gives a bit chunkier bottom end for a little more bass in your sound

    Sep 19,2018

  • James Rosone
    Áno (0) Farba: Black
    I used a lot of strings over the years and most work, when I first started playing I used to use these cheap GHS strings that sounded great

    Aug 07,2018

  • Salida sat
    Áno (0) Farba: Black
    Fantastic strings at a great value, i'm a beginner and these strings are comfortable and produce a wonderfully bright, balanced sound

    Oct 16,2018