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    Olá a todos Botte Cap USB humidifier, produto bem indicado e necessário para região de clima quente e seco, de fácil utilização bastando apenas ser encaixado em um reservatório com água ou água com aromatizante e conectar o cabo min USB. Com boa qualidade de construção o produto possui uma led que indica o seu funcionamento, tornando indispensável para a umidificação de um ambiente com o aroma desejado.
    Só a dificuldade de encontrar um recipiente que para encaixa no dispositivo com a rosca correta.

    Apr 09,2018

  • seventh
    Stop working on the next day
    It is cheap.
    It is easy to use near the PC - no need special power.
    It is silent.
    It is work.
    For a while...
    At first, this good have a timing to two hours. But there is nothing about it in description on this page. So you can't do anything with it (it have only one power button) - humidifier will shut down after 2 hours. No way.
    Second, it stop work on the next evening after I receive it. I used distilled water, it drink about 3 liters and now it have only led light and nothing more. I tried another USB-cables, 2A adapters, but nothing happens.
    And I can't submit ticket about it, there is an error.
    So, typical china device, nothing new :)
    (also it has been delivered to me from the second time)

    Feb 19,2018

  • Sergey
    Чтобы в сухую зимнюю погоду не скапливалось статическое электричество около компьютера и чтобы компьютер не портился.
    пока нет

    Jan 16,2017

  • Guilherme
    A little besst!
    that's a little beast! release tons of water vapor!

    long usb flat cable!
    nothing huge but the usb port could be better placed and the bottle nut could be deeper.

    Oct 31,2017

  • Veronica Guimaraes
    USB Bottle Humidifier
    It really humid the air, the LED works, liked
    Very small but otherwise it's good

    Aug 20,2017

  • Crystofher
    Humidificador Veicular
    Muito bom e silencioso.
    Vem com botão de liga/desliga em comparação a modelos mais simples.
    Nada contra.

    Apr 10,2018

  • Alexandre Reis
    USB Bottle Caps Humidifier
    Easy to setup, good build quality, product as described.

    May 29,2017

  • tyler
    Neat unit works great perfect for travel or at the office
    Needs a travel case for the extras

    Jul 03,2016

  • Robert
    nice device
    Works well, no issues, good introduction to defusers

    Jan 11,2019

  • good quality
    iam idvice to buy this very nice....................................................................

    Sep 15,2018